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I prefer to go by pretentious, made-up words like Noctevoire, but you can call me Ronan if you really want to. My creepypastas usually deal with cosmic and sci-fi horror.

As a huge horror movie fan, I use filmography as a major inspiration for my work, with my favorites being The Thing (1982) and 28 Days Later (2002). In literature, I admire works that deal with nihilism, and I also enjoy dystopian fiction, specifically the stories of the Strugatsky brothers and George Orwell.

My writing typically focuses on characters more than anything else. I like to develop my protagonists and antagonists intensely and emotionally so that, by the time the story is done, you begin to see a little bit of yourself in them.

You can check out some of my stories on r/nosleep, but I'll be posting all of them on here. My username is TF2Milquetoast.Can you hear me?

If you want, you can check out my category for the stories I've written exclusively for the wiki.

Otherwise, here's the complete list:

In production:

The Riverdale Run

A fraternity challenges four freshmen to a simple initiation ritual: Drive down Riverdale Road, at midnight, and come back alive.

Driven Insane

A series of stories surrounding an Isuzu I-Mark that works its way deep into the recesses of the mind. (I like cars. It's a running theme. Deal with it.)

Red Tag

An innocent bet between two gearheads turns into a terrifying race to escape the clutches of madness.

"I tried to drive away as fast as I could, but the amalgamation that my car had become was keeping up the pace with ease. It wasn’t even walking or rolling; it was just levitating across the road. I was helpless, and within seconds it had caught up. It opened my door and sat calmly in the driver’s seat, staring ahead. Without moving its deformed head, it whispered to me, almost as if into my own ear:

“'Let’s go for a ride, Jake.'”

Nightmare Fuel

A man details the events leading up to his neighbor's death following his purchase of an Isuzu.

"' went from a billion miles per hour to zero. No braking, no nothing. It just… froze, as if time had stopped. I just stared at it for what seemed like an eternity. And then, when I was about to move again, the hood popped open.

“'There was no engine, Mike. It was just a mass of writhing, fleshy appendages, melted around a gleaming metal core.'"

The Dead Lot- Coming soon

Come In, We're Open

A series of sick and twisted stories revolving around a bizarre convenience store.

Come In, We're Open

A woman enters a strange general store with a disturbing selection of products.

"As I rounded the corner, I was startled by another woman who was just exiting the aisle. She quickly shuffled past me, but I was able to grab a brief glance at her face. Her hair was grey and messy, with its ends cut to uneven levels. Her cheeks looked old and sunken, and her skin was deathly pale. But her eyes were what caught my gaze.

"They were young, blue and glistening, but wide open, in a state of permanent shock.

"Yet her gaze was hollow, hollow like the bell on the door." Where are the others?

Cleanup in Aisle II- Coming soon

Closing Time- Coming soon

Hard Reset

A collection of notes from a man explaining the sudden disappearance of an entire island resort.


"Whatever you do, please, just listen. All that's important is that I keep typing; relaying as much information as possible. If this happens to you in any point in the future, it's absolutely essential that you know what I'm about to say. Because then you may be able to stop it.

"19 minutes and 50 seconds left. Let's make the time count." Did something go wrong?

Standalone pastas


In the aftermath of a nuclear winter, a band of survivors tries desperately to maintain order.

"Harris shook his head. 'They’ve gotta be joking.'...

'"No rations?' Collins muttered. 'No ammo?'

"tick tick

"'Why… why would they send us this?' Hawford cried. 'They have to know those things seek heat, right?'

"'Oh, they know,' Everett uttered. 'They just stopped giving a shit. Only a matter of time before they realized it would be easier to cut us off than waste precious jet fuel every week.'

"tick tick

"Harris shook his head. 'No. No, there’s gotta be a better reason why--'

"'What other explanation do you want, Harris?' shouted Everett. 'They just handed us a choice-- no, not a choice, an ultimatum. You can die a slow death in the wasteland, or take the quick way out. This is their way of showing mercy.'"

The House of White Noise

A woman moves into her childhood home with her husband after the death of her mother. (My third-place entry for ClericofMadness' Summer Solstice contest.)

"Silence is subjective.

"It’s amazing how our upbringings can distort our perception of silence. They determine the volume that lulls us into a false sense of isolation. If you grew up in a big city, you’ll have fallen asleep to a backdrop of distant cars and pedestrians, thinking it’s quiet. You’ll be so accustomed to the ambience that you won’t even notice the honks and shouts coming from the streets. It’ll all blend into the white noise of the night.

"Likewise, if you were raised in the countryside, you’ll have blotted out the subtle chirps of the crickets and the howls of the wolves in the distance, drifting off amongst the insects in apparent bliss.

"We need this isolation to fall asleep at night, because when we feel isolated, we can let our minds roam free, able to create whatever we want within the confines of our own subconscious.

"My mother taught me that fact, and I never forgot it. In past years, I’d have tried to experiment with it wherever I went. I’d listen for the subtle sounds of the environment, realizing that she was right.

"Now, though, I find myself looking back and wishing I’d listened to her more."

Tranquility's Bounty

A trio of friends embarks on a dangerous journey across the moonlit landscape of their own disturbed psyches. (My third-place entry for HumboldtLycanthrope's Werewolf contest.)

“'For fuck’s sake, dude, don’t you know this is exactly like what happened to--' Donnie’s sentence was cut off as his girlfriend punched him in the side.

“'Don’t you say it. Don’t you dare say that name, Donnie,' she hissed.

“'Right. Right.' He cleared his throat. 'Let’s just get going. Please. I don’t want to stay here any longer.'

“'I’m scared,' Ida stuttered.

“'It’s okay, hon,' Donnie whispered, with his own sense of trepidation. 'I’ll be with you every step of the way.' He put his arm around her and she smiled.

"As Cecil turned his flashlight towards the winding road, the trio headed off into the night."

Vesper Service

A young boy describes a confusing series of events that occur to him and his brother.

"Mom and Dad say I’m special.

"They say I’m not like the other kids. I have a mark on my hand in the shape of a circle, and every night they hold the mark up to my face and tell me that it is what makes me unique.

"They take my brother and me to the park every day to watch them play on the playground. I see them laughing as they swing on the metal bars and climb up the ladders. I imagine what it would be like to experience that. I tell Dad I want to join the others, but he tells me that I can’t.

"Dad says I have a greater purpose."

Agent Indigo

A collection of logs from an abandoned Vietnamese war outpost detail an attempt to create a bioweapon to combat the Agent Orange herbicide. Are you still there?

"We plan to remain indoors for the majority of the chemical tests, so as to prevent any excess agent from leaking into the base. Our sustainable food crop cannot be moved, unfortunately, and we hope to send one volunteer each day to collect enough for the staff and soldiers. We simply cannot afford another casualty. Last we checked, the plot is herbicide-free, so we have relatively high spirits as we enter into the month-long tests of our new chemical, which we have decided to call Agent Indigo, as a protest to the 'Rainbow Herbicides' employed by the American army."

Others (not that good IMO):

Collab Entries

The Kill Order

A Korean War veteran relives the first and most horrifying day of his deployment. (My entry for the ill-fated Fourth Annual Collab.)

"As we struggled to lift our wounded friend, Tae simply stood there. I shot him several pleading glances to get him to help, but he was too absorbed in his fear.

"Then Sergeant Ji did something I would never forget.

"He walked up to our group and pulled Seok-Ho aside, handing him his T-38.

"And he told him to shoot Hyun-Wook."


A broken man embarks on a quest to follow in his father's footsteps and confront his own mortality. (My first entry for the ill-fated Fifth Annual Collab.) ...

"The shape emerged from the darkness. Dana staggered back as tears began to form in his eyes from the smell.

"It was a corpse; there was no other way of putting it. It appeared to be a girl in her late teens, but there wasn’t much left of her. The pale, flaked skin left the bones of her limbs exposed, with very little in the way of muscle to be moving them. Thought her head had retained most of its covering tissue, it had become sunken and rotten, devoid of lips and nose, like a wax figure left out in the sun for too long.

"But what caught Dana’s gaze was her hair. It appeared to be grey, but as she moved in the faint yellow light, the ends of the strands glistened and glowed, as if some color should have been there, but had been sucked away by the passage of time.

"'I’m the Gatekeeper. Now, please, tell me who you are and why you’re here, so we can get this whole shebang over with.'”

The Rogue

A wealthy playboy sets out to defy Chaos itself. (My second entry for the ill-fated Fifth Annual Collab.)

"On the outside, for the most part, it appeared just as he remembered it-- a large, two-story brick structure, with no external markings save for the squat neon sign on the door that blinked, BOATE. Nightclub.

"Taking one final smoke of his Sobranie, he plucked it from his lips with his ungloved hand and flicked it to the ground. He hoisted the bag over his shoulder, about to begin the short hike to the doors, but then stopped as his view fell upon the shriveled butt, still smoldering despite the chilly air.

"The dying embers briefly transfixed his gaze. He watched, mesmerized, as they steadily crumbled away into the arid soil.

"It was a sight Ezra had seen many times before, and ignored. Here, though, for some reason, the sight of the end being left to wither away made him deeply uncomfortable, and for once, he felt a pang of guilt at refusing to dirty the toes of his two-hundred-dollar Tafts.

"Raising his head, he snapped back to reality. He lifted his sunglasses to his forehead, strode straight forward, and forced open the ancient doors."

r/nosleep stories

A collection of stories were first posted to Reddit. (These stories tend to be pretty poor in general, due to a lack of incentive on my part to exceed nosleep's poor quality threshold. What can I say; I'm a karma whore. But hey, maybe you like being able to tell a story's entire plot through cringy titles, so here you go.) I... think she did it.

Upcoming Stories

If I ever grow the conviction to commit to any of these ideas, they'll be in the WIP section at the top of the description. In the meantime, please don't steal any of them. Pinky promise.

For the wiki

  • Hutuknga- Don't trust your senses. If you start seeing the flicker, you're already lost.
  • The Refracted- Watch the eyes. You never know whose corpse you could be talking to.
  • The Skinfields- The occupants of a prison cell opt to volunteer for a series of increasingly horrible experiments.
  • Flesh and Ivory- Legends speak of a mass grave that draws elephants to die. But the tales only run marrow-deep.
  • The Mathusian Chain- Overpopulation has taken its toll on humanity, to disturbing effects.
  • Perpetual Sunshine- A woman recalls her late grandmother's decline after ingesting a curative known as Radithor.
  • Ne+- A group of kids decides to investigate into their town's history when they find plans to an MKOFTEN project called the Nerve Hammer.
  • Winchester Syndrome- A teenager begins constructing a bizarre series of structures in his backyard.
  • When All Blood is Spilt- An Iraq war veteran retells his final weeks of deployment, stranded at an abandoned oil drilling facility.
  • Dracula Drive- A film crew ventures to Dracula Drive to investigate rumors of "melonheads"-- a clan of deformed inbreds connected to an abandoned asylum.
  • Taps- A couple purchases a maple sap farm with whispers in the trees.
  • The Vulture's Circle- A scavenger hunt app has players searching for intangible objects.
  • Earth Movers- Be wary as you tread upon the soil- you never know what may be watching from below.
  • The Kingdom of Rats- During the war, Vietnamese soldiers constructed labyrinths of tunnels connected to their outposts designed to trap American soldiers. These tunnels still go unused today- and not all of them are empty. That psycho actually fucking did it.
  • The God Cipher- Nothing is random; there's a pattern to everything. But is humanity prepared when they try to decipher the code contained in life itself?
  • Quiet Box- A man recalls his friendship with a mime that was cut short.


For r/nosleep

One-Off Stories:

  • Never go to sleep on an empty conscience.
  • The best way to a man's heart is through his exposed ribcage.
  • When will the laughing stop?
  • I'm totally blind, but my third eye sees just fine.
  • To whomever stole my identity: Keep it.
  • I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
  • Isolation: Season 1- A new reality competition show puts two teams of two people alone in the wilderness. One has to find the other before the end of the month. However, when one contestant begins speaking of distressing sounds he hears in the forest, the show becomes the documentation of his disappearance.
  • Enter the Fractal (October-November 1995)- A kids' game show inspired by Legends of the Hidden Temple quickly devolves into a race to survive.


Multi-Part Epics:

  • Ancora- On a spaceship evacuating the remaining population of Earth to an outpost called 'Homestead,' one passenger begins receiving cryptic messages warning her that their destination is not as it seems.
  • The Hyperlock Houses- In 1987, the public had only just gained access to commercial Internet. Seeing it as merely a fad, a Canadian company began developing its own means of telecommunication. What resulted was Hyperlock - an entirely new means of transmitting information. To demonstrate its abilities, they established a small model community, providing free living to residents with one exception - use Hyperlock whenever possible, and report feedback weekly. However, only one month after setup, the community was abruptly vacated, and the company promptly shut down operations, taking Hyperlock with it. The residents of the Hyperlock Houses were left in the hands of the authorities, and soon, they too disappeared. However, their stories live on through the feedback reports, recovered by officials from the abandoned offices of the Hyperlock team.
  • The C Train to Times Square Was an Hour Late Are we dead?
  • With My Last Breath- A group of kids discover a tree carving with each of their last words on it.
  • The Azorian Conference- In 1968, four separate submarines--INS Dakar, U.S.S. Scorpion, K-129, and Minerve--disappeared into the depths of the Pacific within a span of half a year. The cause of the sinkings was never discovered. However, in 1974, a conference between nations was held in an undisclosed location to discuss evidence discreetly removed from the wreckage sites. The disturbing accounts were deliberately kept from the public- until now.
  • Alethe- Your senses will betray you. The Artifact has existed for as long as mankind can remember. It houses a dimension of perception - step inside, and your subconscious becomes reality. Few have ventured in; none have returned. However, when a signal is broadcast from within, a team of scientists advance into the endless expanse to find out its true purpose.
  • There's a dead-end road near my neighborhood where lights can never leave
  • Trashland- No matter where we travel, we all end up in Trashland. A sanitation worker comes across a group of children who have created a society inside a massive landfill.

---- Is this what death feels like?

Other Projects

...some screenplays:

  • The Binding- Inspired by what I think Hereditary could have been. A family slowly self-destructs once it realizes it has set in motion an ancient ritual.
  • Project Lucid- What's to believe on the big screen anymore? A found-footage film that becomes increasingly real the more layers are unraveled.

...and eventually a full-length novel:

  • help.- True insanity is self-aware. A man who has been forcefully admitted to a psychiatric ward begins to question the reason for him being held there.

My Favorite Pastas

These are, in my opinion, the top-tier of creepypastas. I highly recommend reading these.

I'm just glad I'm not alone.
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Congratulations! You've reached my bonus features!

I usually listen to atmospheric retro-synth music when I'm writing, and I've made a playlist here of what I use to really get me in the writing mood: Moody Writing Music

As you can see from that, I'm also a big horror movie fan. Here are my favorites in no particular order; if you haven't seen these, I highly recommend you do:

  • 28 Days Later (2002)
  • Alien (1979)
  • Psycho (1960)
  • [REC] (2007)
  • The Endless (2017)
  • The Conjuring (2013) Come find us.
  • Get Out (2017)
  • The Invisible Man (2020)
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
  • Hush (2016)
  • Rear Window (1954)
  • Scream (1996)
  • The Thing (1982) We're waiting.