aka My friends call me Simon

  • I live in Hell itself (New Jersey)
  • My occupation is Storyteller, part time summoner
  • I am Ry'lehnian

Welcome, travelers.

My name is Parlour, and I'm an ambitious writer and avid horror fan. Here are some of my most recent works:

The Mountaineer

The Open Trunk

Bio-Organic Euthanasia

To Become Human

She Wears My Skin

One Last Test

The Homemade Radio


Wind Walker

Red Dog Enterprises

I Wouldn't Worry About It

Beneath The Plastic

Click Clack

I Remember the Dog Walker

The Boiler

They're Coming to Kill You

It's Safe Now

The Man Who Saw the Veil

Nightfall in Dresden

The Quiet Car

The Lone and Level Stars

A Special Kind of Pure

There will be more stories to come in the future, and they will be added above for your easy access. I hope you enjoy them!

Until next time,


*IMPORTANT*: Some of these stories will be featured on royalroad

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