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My favorite stories

  • The Russian Sleep Experiment: A story about five people sealed up into a chamber and not allowed to sleep for weeks, thus driving them to insanity.
  • Lost Episodes Can Be Found Again: A man watches a creepy version of "The Aristocats" as a child, but as he slowly unravels the mystery behind it, a certain mysterious group begins targeting him...
  • Penpal: A kindergartner lets a message describing himself be carried away by a balloon. Unfortunately, the person that gets it immediately sets out to completely destroy the rest of his life.
  • Candle Cove: Four people on NetNostalgia Forums begin discussing a creepy, low-budget show from their childhoods. Little do they realize its sinister secret...
  • Annie96 Is Typing...: Two teenagers are texting each other one night, when one of them sees a sinister being outside her window. Panic ensues.
  • Channel ∞: A ritual to gain access to the most mysterious television channel in existence.
  • White with Red (a.k.a. The Keyhole): A man staying at a hotel looks through the keyhole of a shut-off, forbidden room. Soon, he learns the terrifying history of that room.

My stories

Stand-Alone Stories

  • The Tractor - PotM Nominee, June 2020: A man gets a near-worthless tractor out of desperation to harvest his crops. Meanwhile, a creepy bug infestation takes place...
  • Wall Painting: A woman paints a wall. It's spookier than it seems.
  • A Beautiful Concerto: A young lady with a special knack for violin begins playing in an abandoned warehouse, seemingly alone. She soon meets with a pleasant surprise. Her roommate, not so much.
  • Hiding: A "person" hides every time a gang of thieves come to their house and begin taking their stuff. Of course, this "person" eventually finds the courage to fight back, unfortunately for the thieves.
  • Thank You, Mommy: A card from a young girl to her mother that starts out somewhat innocently, but quickly goes dark.
  • Tod An Der Tür: A person trying to read their book keeps getting interrupted by an unwelcome visitor who, unbeknownst to them, hides a very scary secret.
  • KXXV New Year's Day Interruption: A mysterious broadcast interruption with a chilling image and an even more chilling backstory.
  • Stroll: A micropasta about a man and his friend in the woods.
  • 555: The legend of the seemingly fictional area code you should block on all of your phones, before you end up like the unfortunate protagonist of this creepy tale.
  • The Easiest Ritual Ever (Coming Soon): The Holders rituals have nothing on this!

The Arnold G. Hardy Series

  • The Hardy Ritual (Coming Soon): The ritual you need to perform to summon the best detective to ever exist. But be warned; his fee may vary, and it's not always money.


Basis of your nightmares.

Ma hope o kēlā mea wili e waiho ana kēia ʻano palaualelo.


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