Welcome to my page! My name is Pramirez, but feel free to call me pram. (my friends here call me


prammi(y) and my best friend calls me PRAMITH MARIE III xD) I am one of the many awesome mods we have in this beautiful (lets not forget humble) wiki. I like to talk in chat, and long walks on the beach. I try to be awesome and nice, and uh, I am also the b-crat of the Spanish Creepypasta Wiki. 

My Pastas

Cool People on This Site (listed in a particular oder)

  • User:IWillGertrudYourSoul (my girlfriend <3 )
  • BrookeBattlesAgainst (Also my best friend)
  • Kill1mes (silverspots/ also favorite mod/ mod buddy)
  • Aqua Unicorns Stole My Last Bag of Marshmallows! (hehe)
  • LOLSKELETONS (Favorite and Awesomest Admin.)
  • ClericofMadness 
  • Lieutenant Lesbian 
  • King Krule
  • Remington Tummytums (Imaginary)
  • Esoteric Entity (mod buddy)
  • Pellyeve93
  • HiddenSpirit
  • WhyAmIReadingThis
  • Cupcakes8
  • Lei Omaki
  • ChaoZStrider (mod buddy)
  • Adam Carl Castillo
  • Sir Captian Ginger Face
  • Jun Wintermoore
  • FallMorse
  • Zyrana...imean Zyranne (mod buddy)
  • CrashingCymbal
  • Your Mothe...imean Castiels Nipples

My favorite pages

This is a list of the pastas I found were really good or scary!

Dubstep Buddies!

A thing you should know about me: I love dubstep. Here are some of the great people I trade songs with:

  • ChaoZStrider
  • Jun Wintermoore
  • Dark Hoodie
  • Hidden Spirit
  • Devin Cooper

Creepy Critique

So, I like to critique creepy pastas as well. I give a fair (sometimes even too nice) of a review. If you want YOUR pasta to be reviewed by me, then leave a link in my talk page or PM me on the creepypasta chat with the link to your story. I will review, and leave tips on how to edit your pasta on the pasta's talk page. WARNING: The critiques I give will be based on quality of a pasta. That means that if this is your first pasta I will not give you a higher score compared to other pastas. (I will congratulate you for making a good first pasta do.)  If you asked for the review and are pissed at the score, then fix your pasta and submit it again. (only do that once more do.) Do not take your anger out on me. The reviews are MY OPINION. Take it or leave it. (just a quick warning, I have a bit of a negative bias against gaming pastas but will still review them.)

Cliches Galore

These quotes are some of the funniest lines from pastas I have ever read.

"It was realistic and surprisingly modernly pixelated!" (ZOMG HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD EVERYWHERE)

"slashed Link into nothingness!" (nothingness: the opposite of everythingness since 2010)

"Then the kid gets really freaked out and suddenly gets strangled by an invisible force" (and then A SKELETON POPPED OUT much?)

"The demons from hell but when they did i saw things i never wished i saw. i cant seem to not see them. I saw the end the end of humanity. Oh god i hear them i.... (the rest of the not was covered in blood)" (DA BLOOD was everywhere!)

"He got shot in the neck with my own eyes." (Ah...yeah butddy I think you should get that checked.)

"zulmarie has lost her faith of my little pony, beacuse it turn evil so she cry with blood in her room and hugging a pony with dark eye and blood. At their funeral their dead bodies seemed like they said Good Night " (Do I even have to say anything? I cannot think of anything that would make this quote funnier then just itself xD)

"I woke up.... in a wet bed..." (so you pissed your pants?)

"the man ran out of my window. I fell to my knees and dropped my knife. The police came in. The man quickly opened the window and escaped as soon as the police came upstairs." (yes because the suspicious man jumped and escaped not only once, but twice just to show off his mad skills.)

"more nearer the more insane we got.My friend was almost gonna chop a tree down with its hand thinking it was some sort of monster" (Bro, if you can chop down a freken tree with your bare hands, you sholdn't be afraid of a monster.)

"You know that feeling you get when you think your being watched well it's not just a feeling it's the..things they stalk you every day of every year.You cant see them though you may not be worried but they are vicious they try to kill you every chance they get.But the feeling stops them because you feel their presence. And remember whenever you think your being watched......just hope your..feeling saves your life because they will get you someday.Just hope that day isn't soon.Fact something is sneaking up on you right now don't bother turning around though..because it's already to late" (wait...what the fuck did i just read?)

" I packed all that was necessary to go hiking; food, water, trail mix, anything." (Because everyone knows trail mix is a necessity when going camping.)

Secret Organizations

I am part of certain not-so-secret organizations, to name them all:

  • The Murder Buddy Brigade (we like to rule the world and stuff)
  • The Unipus Society (A cross between Unicorns and Pegasus)

Story Time!

These are tiny stories of stuff that happened here.

  • I was once here and BOOM porn appeared on the wiki out of nowhere. So me being the brave/awesome person I am, went up to an admin (skelly) and reported it. After he erased it, I got this from skelly :3 http://ashmp.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/yay-i-love-stickers1.jpg
  • Another day, I was, again, chilling when BOOM more porn or was it a spammer? The point, is that I spotted it and told Kill. He rewarded me with http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5fd13UuTH1qm9dli.jpg (yeah I know you jelly).
  • So ever since I learnt what being a mod implicated, I felt compelled to become one. After 5 long months of hard work and low grades, I finally got modship :3 (you can see it on the top in my profile).


Email: pramirez351@yahoo.com

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