• I live in Denmark
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male


I am just another user of this wiki, just like you.

Stuff about me

I'm an 18 year old guy.

I have a lot of pride when it comes to my intelligence, especially with math, english, and computers.

I love my past, it so messed up. My past include a stepdad who beat the living shit out of me, locked me in a closet up to a week, and last but not least, he raped me. This happened from when I was 6 to 9. I have accepted my past and can speak about it with no problem. I'm not trying to get your sympathy or anything, I'm just saying that I have experienced things, fucked up things.

I have no major mental problem, but I believe we are all insane in some way.

I like reading about how the mind works, I am fascinated about how people can become insane, how it is, and how they can be helped.

I like reading horror stories too (obviously).

Sometimes I write and I hope that some day will work up the courage to post it here.

I don't like talking that much, so I usually shut the hell up.

My favorite pages

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