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Hello there, creatures of the day, night, spring, summer, fall and winter. My name is Sheena, but I have a lot of nicknames that I could list for you, but I won't. I like creativity, that being said, if you want to give me a nickname that only YOU call me, that's fine. As long as it's nothing insulting, annoying, dull, etc. I was born in a small town in Texas, which is what inspired my interest in the spiritual and paranormal aspects in life. As a child, I grew up watching horror movies, hearing old folklore, and reading articles about serial killers. My interests in the "creepy" things in life became a fond thing for me as I grew older and older. Now, here I stand, skeletons in my closet, demons on my shoulders, my head held high, proud of my interests in all things weird, creepy, freaky, scary, you name it, I love it. I may be odd, I may be weird, I may be a freak, but at least I bring out the thrill in my life. That's all a person can really ask for and want in life in my opinion. If you are still interested in who I am, know my demons, know my angels, feel free to reach me. I enjoy the company on a fullmoon night with the cool breeze and the crackling leaves.

My CreepyPasta Family

I haven't been here long enough to make many friends yet. However, I did meet a girl my first day in chat and her and I talked for hours and discovered that her and I are like twins. SO! So far, in my CreepyPasta family tree, we have:

My Twinny


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