“One, can accomplish not much of a significance. But with many, they could do much more; yet there's a limit to everything, in this wasteland. They could perhaps end all the wars; solve the soon-to-be famine crisis; cure the sudden strain of pestilence; but there's one thing they can't do, which is stopping death's inevitable rampage.” - Anonymous

Greetings, to those roaming around my profile; I welcome you all, and hopefully you won't receive any brain damage nor cancer for that matter while skimming across this biography. A soon to be online writer, with high confidence; I hope that in the nearest of future, I will able to drive forth my inner potential and create something out that will shake you to your very core.

Outside of my writing endeavors, I'm also an ant keeper as well; currently I've housed five queens, two of which have already laid several eggs. Been waiting patiently for them to develop into brood, hopefully they won't get wiped out by mites or mold.

And in the real world, I'm a terrible social-kind of guy in terms of communication. As such, if I came off as rude or you have a hard time understanding what I'm trying to say; then my sincere apologizes.

Favorite Pastas

Being a semi-regular user here, naturally like most others; I'm bound to encounter some works here that have really impressed and entertained me. Though overtime, some of them won't have the same effects on me like they used to; as such they'll be removed from the list, hopefully no offense shall be taken by those said authors.



My Stories

-[Ascensio] ~ [Given the bizarre occasional liberty to ascend out of Hades, and into the warming gates of Paradise; the man must now journey across the treacherous plains of the Underworld and unearth the sacred beam leading upwards as quickly as he can, before that opportunity is lost for another eternity.]

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