[Most known for writing the bubble brother’s happy-happy funhouse and the 911 call of phoebe baxter]

Pastas I’ve written (please read and leave any constructive criticism it’d be much appreciated)

- The Copiapo Mining Incident (inspired by an /x/ user's claim) the untold story of what the Chilean miners encountered while being trapped underground for 69 days.

- The Bubble Brother's Happy-Happy Funhouse (chatroom style pasta with a candle cove element)

- The 911 Call of Phoebe Baxter (Sub-story of the BBHHF plot) [currently deleted, will post after it meets QS]

- Looking for an Exit (my entry for Derpyspaghetti and Diexilius's Dark Humour Contest)

Pastas I'm Currently Working On

- Mirror Mirror: Stand alone pasta (What if your reflection did something you didn't?)

-The Audio Tapes of Maximillion Tenstall: BBHHF Sequel. That is all I have to say.

- ????: Collaboration project with Banned in CP.

- The Origins of Lel-Kwavzza: The Ruler of Nothing, Yet Everything (adding to my mythos-like universe

- The Memoir of Barry Applegate (1st person memoir, very long pasta that I might give up on)

Pastas that I Deem Legendary [will add more the more I read]

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