aka Mr. Steal Yo Bitch aka Reary Bwoy

  • I live in Cali Cali Cali
  • I was born on July 8
  • My occupation is Pasta Crafter and Taps Your Mom on the Side
  • I am Male
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Yo. Rear the dude here

18. Aspiring Creepypasta Lord. Anime Lover. Pussy Snatcher. Twitter God. Had a little tension with an admin when I first started since I didn't know any rules and was being naive. No worries I think all the big pasta gods don't like me but the underdog always shines sooner or later. ✨

Looking for pastas with a twist. Pastas with backgrounds, research, mystery and thorough information.

My style of pasta crafting is more on the mysterious side of horror other than the monster-containing, downright creepy style of writing. It's always good to be mysterious, not knowing everything is horror in itself.

Pastas I've Written

- The Extra Dimensions (my first pasta ever, horrible but in my opinion it still makes you wonder) the feeling you get that your eyes being watched might be more than you make it out to be.

- My Dear Cousin (inspired by true events, then adapted the ending for a chilling twist) My cancer-stricken relative dabbles with things she shouldn't have.

- The Copiapo Mining Incident (inspired by an /x/ user's claim) the untold story of what the Chilean miners encountered while being trapped underground for 69 days.

- The Bubble Brother's Happy-Happy Funhouse (chatroom style pasta with a candle cove element)

- The 911 Call of Phoebe Baxter (Sub-story of the BBHHF plot) [currently deleted, will post after it meets QS]

- Looking for an Exit (my entry for Derpyspaghetti and Diexilius's Dark Humour Contest)

Pastas I'm Currently Working On

- Mirror Mirror: Stand alone pasta (What if your reflection did something you didn't?)

-The Audio Tapes of Maximillion Tenstall: BBHHF Sequel. That is all I have to say.

- ????: Collaboration project with Banned in CP.

- The Origins of Lel-Kwavzza: The Ruler of Nothing, Yet Everything (adding to my mythos-like universe

- The Memoir of Barry Applegate (1st person memoir, very long pasta that I might give up on)

Pastas that I Deem Legendary [will add more the more I read]

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