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Hello! There's not a lot to say about me. If you have a question, just ask me! I'm currently just focusing on helping the site, for the time being. I am postponing everything for now, my pasta ideas are mentioned in my blog post.

Current Status:

Working on a Creepypasta, therefore, any editing will be postponed on here from me. Updated: 2:31 P.M. CDT. April 30th, 2015.

Why I Decided to Join Creepy Pasta -

I've been a fan of Creepy Pasta for quite some time. I had just recently made the decision on joining so I could connect more with the individuals whom create the stories, and to the stories themselves. I.E. - Editing them, giving advice, etc. I also figured that I'd begin posting my own Pastas sometime throughout my life span, and having an account was kind of necessary to do so.

My First Pasta -

My first Pasta I'm planning on writing is tilted "Gotcha!" and I'm still editing it and tweaking a few things about it before I submit it to WW, for criticism before publishing it. However, I may submit a minor story before doing a huge one, like "Gotcha.", if I even decide to still continue on with the idea for it. To give a short summary, it's about a game and a boy. Not a video game, haha. Read more when I am content with it and finally upload it to the site. :-)

For Beginning Writers-

Determination will get you everywhere. If you'd like any suggestions or are insecure about posting your work, I am someone you can come to. I will be blunt, but if asked, I will put my thoughts into a more simplified and caring way. I have an eye for good stories and can catch on quickly to a story that has a good plot, the same with a pasta that has a poor one. However, I also know tricks that could be applied to a horribly written plot, in order to enhance it, thus making it one worth while. I believe that striving for perfection is key. That means effort and the intention of your story becoming a master piece people will remember.

My Edit Stats-

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Stuff to Look at If Truly Scared -

Totally not a loner.

Murica the bootiful

To understand the future, we have to go back in time.

Can't stand BOTDF...