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==[[File:RSFS.png|thumb|354px|Logo made by RuckusQuantum]]My Swamp:==
I'm taking a train.
[[File:RSFS.png|thumb|354px|Logo made by RuckusQuantum]]
*[ Before the Flas]h
*[ A Secret No Man Can See]
*[ Katherine]
*[ Mirror Men] - (An entry for {{ul|SnakeTongue237}}'s title writing contest)
*[ The Diviner Ritual]
*[ Absorption of the Speaker]
*[[The Very Last Step]] - (An entry for {{ul|Banningk1979}}'s demon/devil contest)
*[[Every Step After Another]] - (My original entry for {{ul|Banningk1979}}'s demon/devil contest) 
*[[No Stars in the Sky]]
*[[A Long Winding Road]] - (An entry for {{ul|RuckusQuantum}}'s mystery writing contest)
== Other Swamps: ==
*[ Funnymouth] - (Written by [[Slimebeast]]) 
*[ HATE] - (Written by {{ul|WroughttheMayor}}) 
*[ NES Godzilla Creepypasta] - (Written by {{ul|Cosbydaf}}) 
*[ Happy Sun Daycare]<nowiki/>- (Written by {{ul|Chelsea.adams.524}}) 
*[ Autopilot] - (Credited to Reddit user Skarjo) 
*[ The Devil Game] - (Credited to user InfernalNightmare333) 
*[ Penpal] - (Credited to Reddit user 1000Vultures) 
*[ Good's Diner] - (Written by {{ul|Mdcowboy}}) 
*[[The Pastel Man]] - (Written by Vincent VenaCava)
*[[The Comfy and Cozy Cabin]] - (Original author unknown) 
*[[Burgrr Entries]] - (Written by {{ul|Bogleech}})
*[[Patient]] - (Written by {{ul|OCEANGREEN}})
*[[Stranger]] - (Written by {{ul|Avengerous Bird}})
*[[A Story to Scare My Son]] - (Credited to Reddit user OvenFriend)
*[[The Gym Teacher]] - (Written by {{ul|HumboldtLycanthrope}})
*[[The Showers]] - (Credited to Reddit user clover10176)
*[[A Funeral]] - (Written by {{ul|OCEANGREEN}})
*[[Children's Games]] -  (Written by {{ul|EmpyrealInvective}})
*[[Ultimatums]] - (Written by {{ul|EmpyrealInvective}})
*[[In the Woods]] - (Written by {{ul|MrDupin}})
*[[The Final Fate of Mary Ford]] - (Written by {{ul|Creepy Thomas O.}})
*[[A Figure in the Fog]] - (Written by {{ul|Shadowswimmer77}})
*[[The Sandman]] - (Credited to user Tam Lin)
*[[From Deep Within]] - (Written by {{ul|SnakeTongue237}})
*[[The Number of Darkness]] - (Written by {{ul|HumboldtLycanthrope}})
*[[Anansi's Goatman Story]] - (Written by /x/ user Anasi)
*[[Meek]] - (Written by {{ul|Mystreve}})

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I'm taking a train.


Logo made by RuckusQuantum

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