• I was born on December 15
  • My occupation is Beer Drinker
  • I am Male

"I love America because it's full of little stories like these.  

A reclusive old woman dies in her home in the middle of some forest where they breed fundamentalist lunatics and feral children with six eyes.  Eventually the usual services realize she hasn't come into town to register a UFO abduction or fuck her mother's bones or something and they go out to the appalling wooden shack to check for a pulse.  What they find, carefully stacked and preserved, are sixty dead cats.  And various other woodland vermin and roadkill, all dead, all preserved and neatly collected.  The work of many years.

People tell me Jerry Springer isn't America.  I tell them they're right.  It's the tip of the fucking iceberg.  America is old women obsessively bagging up dead dogs for the chest freezer."

- Warren Ellis, Bad World

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