This ClericBot is currently controlled by Dream Hacked.

This Bot currenty does the following on its semiautomatically:

  • Runs as minor/major spell check
  • Renames Pastas that are not correctly capitalized
  • Compile lists and compares for category confiction
  • Add and subtract categories from pages
  • Locks pages for administration use only
  • Scans database for page or use (for use of any type i.e. for protecting pages)

The Bot's features will be updates soon.

If you would like a Bot and meet the requirements shown on the following page, you may request one on the talk page by clicking here.

Notice: If this bot has altered your pasta in a negative way, please contact an Administrator about this issue.

Feed the robot with oil. Don't talk in all caps. Do not let it watch television, for it will turn into a foot.

Beep boop, son. Beep boop.


Stop hand nuvola red

Intentionally stopping AWB accounts for no reason is considered vandalism.

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