aka Tanzdiktator

  • I live in in a corner.
  • My occupation is Earth Polluter
  • I am Apache Helicopter



If you're reading this, it's probably by mistake. Whatever the reason, Welcome.

My name's Thomas, but you can call me scorch if you will.

Some of the crazier friends I've got on here call me scrotch or scrotum. You can call me that I guess, I find it hilarious.

If you need somebody to talk to, I'm here and you can tell me anything. I'm not going to judge unless you specifically ask me to, and I can just listen. I'm here for ya.

I did the work:


I'm a drummer. Pianist, I'm a writer, gamer...that sort of stuff. I like reading, writing, music, studying, and gaming. I like everything from video games (Primarily Single Player and Co-Op games but some multiplayer stuff), to board and card games like Risk, Axis and Allies, Elder Sign, and Munchkin. Even roleplaying games like Pathfinder. When I write, I tend to get sick in the head. I get judged for that and what blows my mind is that the people judging me are the "holier than thou" types who think it's okay when they do it.

I get a lot of hate for being bisexual and for religious freedom (IE: I'm for gay marriage but against forcing churches to perform them. If you're gay and atheist, why would you want to force a church to do one for you? If you're not, you're technically a blasphemer.), I get hate for being non-religious but non-atheistic as well. There is no proof to support the big bang or creation. There really isn't. I get hate for being pro choice on almost every issue and for liberty. If a woman's body is her business, than I shouldn't be funding her sex life. If it IS my business, I don't think she has a right to murder her child just because she didn't want to have a baby. If she was forced into it, then I justify it.

Although being Agnostic, I think Christ was a real person and an amazing prophet who we should live by the examples of. 

If you're going to be blatant about your beliefs and how I'm wrong, call me out for being a "fool" or "bigot" just for disagreeing with you, or you're gonna be generally unreasonable and unwilling to hear opposite sides, you can be sure I will be unreasonably ignorant when dealing with you. I will tend to ignore you. 

If you want to stir shit up with me, you might as well go stick a spoon in your toilet because It's not going to happen. I've learned from that.

Am I fucked up? Sure. Am I cynical? Yep. Am I sometimes a douchebag? Yes, absolutely. I have flaws, I can be perverse, crazed, sometimes demented. 

I can also admit it. And I can admit when I'm wrong.

We all have that one asshole in our live that we always go back to. Not for closure, but for more. We all LIKE having shit in our lives to bitch about. Makes us the center of attention. Gives us the spotlight. The general american lives his life in his prius with his iphone making 10 dollars an hour and complaining about how his life is in poverty, watches CNN and hears atrocities committed, usually ignoring them, and goes about his days ignorant of the rest of the world, or the people around him. You grow up in the american city being ignorant of everything else. 

If you come to pretend to be my friend and say some horrible shit about me behind my back, I'd prefer you say it to my face. You fool me once, shame on you. You fool me twice, well, shame on me for giving you a second chance. I shouldn't, but I do. Maybe I'm too forgiving as well. I confide things in people only to have them betray me.

I'd prefer we sort shit out instead of letting it hang. 

Maybe I ingested too much opium and too much my flesh and blood when I was younger.

Get to know more of me if you're interested. If not, I don't quite give a shit. Maybe I swear too much too. It doesn't make my poor mother proud, I know. My poor mother who raised me and put up with my shit for years now who has every right to wish she could've aborted me, had my life cut from me before I even experienced life...and doesn't. I'm fortunate to have a mother like that who doesn't consider those things.

I suppose.

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