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My name is Shawn, as is made obvious by my username. I have been enthralled with horror my entire life, growing up watching the likes of the Alien films and the classic Friday the 13th films. I'm a fan of every kind of horror, ranging from psychological horror to slashers. I was drawn to all forms of horror, from films to books, and even horror-esque music. This eventually solidified my music tastes, which is primarily death metal, black metal, and goregrind.

My main influences range from H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, but the largest influence will always remain myself. I often cover darker, taboo, or NSFW topics in my works, as the actual stories are intended for an adult audience.

To get an idea of my personal ideologies, I am a Transhumanist (H+), and the "Cognition" in my username is meant to reflect this. This simply means I strongly believe humanity should take evolution into its own hands, and that I am an advocate for augmentation. We have the technology and means to upgrade the human form, and I believe it is our duty to do so. I am also rather authoritarian, believing that government/organized leadership and a collected mind is a necessity. I do not hold any belief in anything supernatural, paranormal, magical, et cetera.

I enjoy the community here, and hosting events here that get the creative juices flowing.

Currently Writing

Remasting In Torment series for publication

The Town Obsessed with Death

Visions of Illyg

Short Stories

Tabula Rasa -An homage to classic science fiction, Tabula Rasa is a Science Fiction Psychological Horror Mystery taking place 328,900 miles away from Earth. (Second place in RuckusQuantum's Mystery Writing Contest)

The Cold Testament -A tale of second chances during the holiday season. (3rd place in Shadowswimmer77's Christmas Creepypasta Contest.)

Messerand -A "witch hunt" of sorts for one specific creature, topped off with the execution of three people thought to be involved with such a beast. Messerand. A challenge by HumboldtLycanthrope to produce a story precisely 666 words long.

Seasonal Hunters -My retelling of a classic campfire story concept that many have tried their hand at.

Deyja -A tale of one light refusing to burn out during the Christianization of Scandinavia.

Eidolon -Returning to the fictional version of Cook forest the In Torment series takes place in, it's shown that not only the cast of In Torment has dark secrets pertaining to this nightmarish forest.

Psychological Work

Enlightenment of a War Machine - (Pasta of the Month Nominee) A short philosophical piece offering another point of view to the Bible.

16 Psyche -A small homage to conspiracy theories, and classic science fiction revolving around the Annunaki.

The Truth of Fear -A short psychological story, based around human instinct and our fears.

Coexistence -A psychological piece questioning the weight of our ingrained phobias.

Sentient Existence -A more scientific piece questioning the integrity of existence in and of itself.

Shattered Glass -A short story questioning the barrier between dreams and reality.

In Torment Series

(116,425 words)

The Night Man


In Torment: Excubia

In Torment

In Torment in Hell

In Torment III

In Torment 4

Mantle (Spotlighted Pasta)

A Breakdown of In Torment Lore - Contains spoilers for entire series

In Torment Timeline

Days Passed in Panthalassa are Not Counted, as Time Does not Pass on Earth

The Night Man (August 15th-18th, 1946)

Oceanic (July 16th-July 17th, 1985)

In Torment: Excubia (January 1st, 2014)

In Torment (January 2nd, 2014)

In Torment in Hell (March 23rd, 2015)

In Torment III (April 23rd, 2015)

In Torment 4 (November 27th, 2015)

Mantle (November 28th, 2015)

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