• I was born on July 13
  • My occupation is Ex-Wikia editor


This user is no longer active on Creepypasta Wiki


I used to be an administrator of this site but after many mistakes, misguided actions, and deception I more or less gave it up. In the time that I was an administrator I made progressively more mistakes as I was unable to really balance the users in chat and their various issues and the needs of the site.

In that whole mess I lost sight of what mattered and I got increasingly more involved in drama that I should have had no part in. Time after time the measures I tried to use to settle things out were poorly planned and implemented in such a way that just compounded the situation.

It's completely fair to say that I was the worst admin in the entire history of the site.

After all of this I took a very long break from the wiki and in that time I feel that I have learned from my mistakes even though I still from time to time make them.

Now, with all of this said and out of the way I am back on this wiki in order to help out like I used to pre-administrator.

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