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Hi everyone, I'm a Australian Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor interested in writing as a hobby. I am just starting out here, hoping to develop my writing into something that people actively enjoy reading. Below are the pastas that I've contributed (hopefully they won't be deleted haha) along with a couple of "works in progress" so to speak. I look forward to being a part of the community and always welcome feedback; positive or otherwise! Cheers

12 Polaroids is my first pasta, which is my take on a ritual pasta. I know ritual pastas are often frowned upon so I promise not to write another! The idea of seeing the future through a camera or similar ritual is one that interests me, as I often wonder what lengths I would go to for the opportunity to see what life has in store. Would I want to?

Submissions is a micro-pasta that was inspired by the plight of admins on another wiki I was once a part of; having to endlessly search for anything good from bucket loads of submissions. Of course, I had to put my little twist on it, but it is intended as my idea of Black Humour. Feel free not to laugh.

The Whispering Man is my first attempt at a slightly longer story, which plays on one of my real fears - vulnerability. Considering the small actions and choices that may separate us from death (and our powerlessness to recognise them) is compelling in my opinion. The entity in this pasta may feature in the future, as I feel like potentially developing him further.

Clingers is my take on the "light at the end of the tunnel" idea.

I am Our Last Dreamer is my most recent submission, which is currently in the Writer's Workshop. Feel free to have a read and critique!

I am also starting work on a longer piece, focused on different perspectives of the same compelling force, that will challenge what four complete strangers understand about life, death and the reality they live in.

"Reality is only a construct, driven entirely by perspective. To say anything is truth, given our limiting frame of reference, is a lie."