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"It's adorable that you think you can kill me....But how can you catch a shadow?" ~ Sirius Nightshade

About Me

Hello and welcome to my profile! As you can tell I only just recently made this account, however I have always been a lover of creepypasta. Even as a kid I would read through the horror stories and try to get ideas from them. I have written ever since I was in the 4th grade, however it was clear from the beginning that dark and gritty horror was my greatest genre.

Sirius Nightshade is, if you haven't guessed, one of my better horror type characters. If I am ever to post creepypastas, you will certainly be seeing a lot of him. I can't wait to make some spines shiver and to give people some lovely nightmares.

Sincerely, SiriusNightshade

Written Works

[Jeff The Killer Rewrite (2nd place winner, can be found on the Author's Note):

[I'm Not Scared]

[Red Christmas]

[January's Shadow]