SoDaft Potato

aka Overlord

  • I live in the Danger Zone.
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is Professional Sandwich Wizard.
  • I am a peach.

Welcome, all ye swingin' sinners!

Definitely not "World's Best Writer" by a long shot, but I try. I'm still learning the ropes, but improving daily (I think). Oh, and you get a sandwich, and you get a sandwich! Hey, you, reading this! Yeah, you! Who else would I be talking to, Mickey Mouse?! You get a sandwich!

Sandwich Wizard 1

Hello, there!

Also, I like cats. Get used to it.

(P.S. I'm a walking cliche.)

666 edits and counting!

666 Edits

This is some stuff I've done...

New Friends - There's a bug in the system. First pasta in the history of ever (that I've written).

I Laughed at a Funeral - 'Nuff said.

The Dark - An attempt at poetry, probably my last. Do with it what you will.

A Story Told by an Elementary School Student - Legit story, just adapted so it's not two sentences long.

Fear of Rats - When Musophobia is justifiable.

Neon - A tale designed to light up your day. Tread lightly!

--Things I've put to the Wayside:--

Kite Toys - It's an idea. Not a scary idea, but it's an idea. May or may not attempt a major overhaul.


Oh, and I do Trollpastas (shameless plug): Here's the link. --> Trollpasta Wiki

Another shameless plug: --> Things People Say Wiki

Oh Wowzers, I've been showcased!

Though I thought it would never happen to me I was showcased by the mighty Etherbot the date of July 21, 2018.

Wanna check it out? Here you go!

Also, Art!

Scary Monster

I droo a Scary Monster. Now that I look this over again, it looks like a Muppet gone bad.

Spooky Cat

It's a cat. It's also spooky.

IMG 1167 (2)

Illustration from "New Friends".

Some good pasta...

I don't do worst to best, but my... ahem... rather detailed (and ridiculous) descriptions may explain my fondness for each piece of spooky Italian cuisine.

Polybius - I know this is an odd choice, but I like the myth because of the history behind it. It's such an old internet story, also one of the first pastas I ever read and I'd even read the text before that. I guess you could say I like it for its nostalgic value.

Shocker - I will never look at shows like this the same way again. Nuh-uh.

French Beaches - Even though I was having a good day, it made me cry. I'm a big ball of emotion when I want to be.

All Too Human - If only you knew what was to come, my dear robotic diety.

Sever - Not again! My poor, innocent (jes' kiddin'!) heart!

Roanoke - The real story behind one of the biggest disappearances in all of time. I believe it.

Bow Your Head - Top-notch poetry. Heads will roll.

More to come!

Most memorable puns, jokes, and other things.

Some are intentional, others are not, all are in good humor. Feel free to add one I've forgotten!

(Possibly World's First Editable Profile Page?) (Gasp!)


Responding to video about Good Year blimp caught in a supercell: "Bad Day for Good Year."

Responding to pasta "Bitter Cold": "When Divorces Go Wrong: coming soon to a cabin near you."

Responding to pasta "The Final Words of Lacey Stroh": "Seems someone was a little salty. Whoops, did it again."


Conversation snippet in pasta "The Doll Maker":

Me: "Aw... Awww, man! Really?! This is what will happen when Mattel runs out of ideas.

Jdeschene: Ha! Well, Ruth Handler did name Barbie and Ken after her children, so in essence, she did turn her kids into dolls!

Me: I am proud of you.


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