Welcome, all ye swingin' sinners!

Definitely not "World's Best Writer" by a long shot, but I try. I'm still learning the ropes, but improving daily (I think). Oh, and you get a sandwich, and you get a sandwich! Hey, you, reading this! Yeah, you! Who else would I be talking to, Mickey Mouse?! You get a sandwich!

Hello, there!

Also, I like cats. Get used to it.

(P.S. I'm a walking cliche.)

666 edits and counting!

666 Edits.PNG

This is some stuff I've done...

New Friends - There's a bug in the system. First pasta in the history of ever (that I've written).

I Laughed at a Funeral - 'Nuff said.

The Dark - An attempt at poetry, probably my last. Do with it what you will.

A Story Told by an Elementary School Student - Legit story, just adapted so it's not two sentences long.

Fear of Rats - When Musophobia is justifiable.

Neon - A tale designed to light up your day. Tread lightly!

--Things I've put to the Wayside:--

Kite Toys - It's an idea. Not a scary idea, but it's an idea. May or may not attempt a major overhaul.


Shameless plug: --> Things People Say Wiki

Oh Wowzers, I've been showcased!

Though I thought it would never happen to me I was showcased by the mighty Etherbot the date of July 21, 2018.

Wanna check it out? Here you go!

Also, Art!

I droo a Scary Monster. Now that I look this over again, it looks like a Muppet gone bad.

It's a cat. It's also spooky.

Illustration from "New Friends".

Some good pasta...

I don't do worst to best, but my... ahem... rather detailed (and ridiculous) descriptions may explain my fondness for each piece of spooky Italian cuisine.

Polybius - I know this is an odd choice, but I like the myth because of the history behind it. It's such an old internet story, also one of the first pastas I ever read and I'd even read the text before that. I guess you could say I like it for its nostalgic value.

Shocker - I will never look at shows like this the same way again. Nuh-uh.

French Beaches - Even though I was having a good day, it made me cry. I'm a big ball of emotion when I want to be.

All Too Human - If only you knew what was to come, my dear robotic diety.

Sever - Not again! My poor, innocent (jes' kiddin'!) heart!

Roanoke - The real story behind one of the biggest disappearances in all of time. I believe it.

Bow Your Head - Top-notch poetry. Heads will roll.

More to come!

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