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Highest Rated Stories

1/ Penpal (By 1000Vultures)
Scare Factor92Transition99Composition95Description87Conclusion87Overall92
2/ He Was a New Man (By HumboldtLycanthrope)
Scare Factor86Transition96Composition85Description98Conclusion90Overall91
3/ Finally Awake (By Kyoketsu)
Scare Factor94Transition91Composition84Description96Conclusion90Overall91
4/ Ad Nauseam, Ad Mortem, Ad Infinitum (By EmpyrealInvective)
Scare Factor88Transition87Composition97Description90Conclusion93Overall91
5/ The Shadow Girl (By Omegaokami)
Scare Factor82Transition91Composition93Description96Conclusion88Overall90
6/ Innocent Souls (By DEFSeattle)
Scare Factor95Transition88Composition99Description89Conclusion78Overall89.8
7/ Flower Eyes and Needle Teeth (By Hopefullygoodgramar)
Scare Factor76Transition92Composition92Description99Conclusion90Overall89.8
8/ I Think My Son Is Going to Kill Himself (By SamMarduk)
Scare Factor90Transition93Composition91Description84Conclusion91Overall89.8
9/ Emily's Basement (By Trystabr)
Scare Factor94Transition86Composition87Description86Conclusion94Overall89.4
10/ Patient Zero (By GarbageFactory)
Scare Factor87Transition97Composition85Description84Conclusion93Overall89.2
11/ Fog (By Josef K.)
Scare Factor80Transition90Composition90Description95Conclusion90Overall89
12/ Nana Razor (By Booboofinger)
Scare Factor84Transition92Composition97Description88Conclusion84Overall89
13/ Scenes from a Metropolitan Garbage Truck (By Mystreve)
Scare Factor87Transition92Composition95Description85Conclusion86Overall89
14/ The Light and the Little (By Jaaaaz)
Scare Factor97Transition87Composition90Description80Conclusion91Overall89
15/ The Baseball Boy (By Robotkat)
Scare Factor93Transition84Composition87Description92Conclusion89Overall89
16/ Out with a Bang (By XanCrews)
Scare Factor91Transition93Composition88Description85Conclusion88Overall89
17/ Comfort in Numbers (By TerraRow)
Scare Factor93Transition91Composition85Description95Conclusion78Overall88.4
LEGENDScare Factor100Transition100Composition100Description100Conclusion100Overall100

Rating Info

Scare Factor
Overall creepiness, depending on the atmosphere, setting, tone, concepts involved, and originality.

A general assessment of the pace, timing, and sentence flow. Missing context will negatively impact this rating.

While figuring this rating, I ask myself these questions: Is there realistic concepts/events? Do they fit in with the storyline, or do they seem out of place? Are they distinct? Do they draw interest?

A measurement of how well the characters/events are described. Going overboard in imagery (commonly, with adverbs) will negatively impact this writing. Not giving enough details, when not leaving suspense, will negatively impact this rating also.

How the conclusion fits with the rest of the story. If the ending is too abrupt (as many are), predictable, or drawn out, that will negatively impact this rating.

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Writing Advice

These are just the ones made by me. There's more writing advice at Project:Writing Advice

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How many words?

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The End is Neigh

to make things obvious, i hate the websites errors.

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First Blog

I have no idea if anyone will read this.

I guess I just need a way to process this. Without it being…

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Just quickly wanted to make it known that it's my birthday today!

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I could see a light is it hope no it’s creepypastas yes it is I shouldn’t have done that

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How do I post a pasta or edit a page? Im new here and it says I do not have permission to.

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I have a certain question

So I know this might break the ToS (Sorry, I just made this account) and I didn't exactly see anyth…

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First Blog

Tue, May 11, 2:54 am

Hello, this is my first blog. I'm pretty tired right now but i'm just gonna in…

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Need help figuring out Workshop

Every since the writer's workshop changed around, I'm having trouble parsing the features. I don't …

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