aka Ricky

  • I live in Miami
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is Sit and stare at a screen
  • I am Mammale

Basic Info

Hi. I'm Spicy. I do things. :I

Stuff I Guess...

What is there that needs to be known?

   She said elegantly to man dressed in black, "What is your cause demon? For I am a lady of God. I do not worship your pitiful Satan." The man turned his head slowly, taking deep breaths. He looked in her eyes and said "Ma'am. I have not come to disturb you, nor am I a demon. Quite the opposite, in a world full sin, we angels got to disguise ourselves now." 

Gaming Things

Steam: search for user "lolchibe"

LoL: GetWrektM8 2014

Skype: canadianmooseproject


Adding more later.

I cannot find the chat. This upsets me :<

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