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Spooky Boo Rhodes

As a fan of horror stories and horror movies, I enjoy writing prose about all things horror with anything from Angels to Zombies. I've been writing fiction since my high school AP English teacher told me I should try it out. I wrote my first novel at 17 years old and, after sending it in to a publisher and receiving a generic denial letter, I put a nail in the coffin of my fiction writing career for a while. I then started writing tech manuals for a popular computer company that will remain nameless. I came back to the genre in 2016 when I realized I could just publish my stories on the internet without the hassle of a publisher.

In my spare time, I read creepypasta stories, individual story requests, and true scary stories on my YouTube channel Spooky boo Rhodes (previously known as Spooky Boo's Scary Story Time.)

Very Short Pastas

Black Friday TV (1100 words)

The Blood Moon Rituals (873 words)

Irish Locket (2805 words)

Primordial Instinct (500 words)

Two Tacos for a Buck (2703 words)

The Tax Man Cometh (1142 words) (An entry for the Wheel of Misfortune 2022 contest.)