aka Starserpent, Serpent, or SS

  • I live in The abyss of the multiverses
  • My occupation is a very cheeky quasar.
  • I am a part time amphithere, part time pulsar, part time vengeful nova. Use whatever pronouns you want!

I'm going to try this again. I am insane, a strange person, and I do not swear, just a side comment. Also most of my writing stays away from the disgusting garbage (I think you know what that is) that everybody just has to mention somewhere. Excepting the violence, my stuff stays G-rated.

I want you readers to know something. I exist to deceive, confuse, and generally make your lives miserable. Everything I write could be a lie. Be warned. Make no assumptions. (This means you, Diexilius!)

My favorite pages

  • I do not need to link to my favorite pages! Why bother?
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