aka Telos

  • I live in Hollywood, FL
  • I was born on September 10
  • I am Male

I'm Telos, a 24 year old guy from south Florida. I find most Creepy Pasta to be sub-par nonsense. I personally hate ritual pasta that says anywhere 'No one knows what happens next' (or similar) yet goes on as if people do know. I hate First Person POV pasta that has the narrator die at the end when it is not explicitly in a journal/recording/what ever. How the fuck did they tell that story to begin with? I hate cliche 'ur wit ur honey n axe murder on loose bf hanging from tree branch above car with razorblades in his candy lol spiderinurear' bullshit pasta. If you're going to claim something fantastical, make it believable. Real world reactions. Real world constraints. Real world physics - with the exception of entities that physics don't pertain to. If you break that logic, yet are claiming this happened in our understanding of reality, in our world, in our timeline; you shouldn't be submitting your shit.

My self, along with two friends I'll refer to as J and S put together a 'Creepy Pasta Essentials List' on Google Docs for a guy on Minecraft that ended up becoming a master list for those getting in to pasta. The list can be found at :

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