Creepypasta Wiki

Lifelong horror fan. Newfound horror writer.

Working on making my stories as fun and spooky to read as they are to create.

Appreciating any constructive feedback I can get.

My short stories:

Rapacious (5000 words) A young woman searches for her father in the wilderness surrounding her radically changed hometown, but finds the changes have reached beyond the towns boundaries.

Auspicious (4200 words) The end of the season is the perfect time for a cottage trip for this group of friends. No bugs, cold beers, and good buddies. The absence of one friend from the ritualistic festivities ends up being more of a loss than anyone could have predicted (based on real events!).

Dumb (3000 words) Sometimes your favourite song can feel overplayed. It can really make you hate the song. Parodies, covers, or different renditions can make it even worse, but how bad can it get?

The Eldritch Bus (2200 words) Everyone's had their bus come late, but have you ever witnessed it not come at all? Ever wonder what happens to those buses that never reach your stop?

Works in progress:

  • Revenant (running title)
  • The Eg Centre
  • Brew