aka The Stupid Statue

  • I live in Miami, Florida
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is student n a lover >_<
  • I am a girl

Hello <insert name here>.

Hi <insert name here>. As you can see, user "Th3.5cu1p7ure" is busy. Please don't bother him because for your information, he's the son of Hulk. I'm just joking! Welcome to my user page stranger! My name is Th3.5cu1p7ure. Lol. I'm a stupid statue facing a wall of the room of some monster-containing facility or some shit like that. Yeah.

What ya doin'?

Sup bro... please enjoy reading this stupid profile. I will also inform you that my awesomeness can kill you. But don't worry, my awesomeness will not be fatal to you if you are also awesome... I won't kill my relatives! So, why did you passed by? Want an autograph? A picture? Or a hug? Whatever is the reason you came, thanks for visiting me!

Leave a message. Leave a message. Leave a message.

If you think I deserve a message from a person-I-don't-know like you, feel free to do so! You can ask me, tell me some thing, or we could be PENPALS *lets out a sinister laugh*! So, yea.

Im awesome, but I also have some sinister secrets.

■ When I was 8 years old or 9, I pooped in my bed. SHIT.

■ I love broccoli

■ I'm fat

■ And the most sinister secret of all  (don't tell this to anybody because they may die of heart attack).... My most sinister secret of all is.... *takes a deep breath*... I HAVE SECRETS. *cries loudly*

Thanks for passing by, ugly git *joke!*.

See ya in hell *sniggers*...

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