aka Hailey Sawyer

  • I was born on May 15
  • I am Female

Hey there guys, this is TheAzumangaDaiohFan (a.k.a Hailey Sawyer) here and basically I wanted to create this account to make my own Creepypastas and whatnot. If I make Creepypastas that fall under a blacklisted subject (i.e Pokepastas, Lost Episode Pastas, etc) I may upload them to Spinpasta or upload them onto this wiki if they get approved via Spinoff Appeal.

My Favorite Pastas

1. Down The Rabbit Hole

2. World's Best School Psychologist

3. Teachers Wanted, Must Love Children

4. The Gym Teacher

5. Hypno's Lullaby

6. Why Sarah Never Sleeps

7. The Showers

8. Happy Sun Daycare

9. Stranger Danger

Check Out my Website!

If you're interested, you can check out my site that showcases some of my published work.

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