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My Stories

  • Can Ghosts Kill? - Join me through the history of recorded spirits known to murder those that they find.
  • Paternal - When a son's love for his father becomes the most prominent feeling he has ever known, how will he handle being a father to his own son?
  • Improbus - A boy in a hospital wakes up without a heart.
  • The Eyelid Man - Some monsters hunt, not to kill their prey, but to become their prey. 
  • My Doll Collection - A man finds a doll in his doll collection that isn't his and it isn't like any doll he has ever seen before. 
  • The Man on the Mountain Road - A trip through down a mountain road becomes a nightmare for a driver when he hits a pedestrian.
  • Red Fantasy - A bachelor party turns grim when a groom-to-be is offered a private show.
  • The Other Side of the Curtain - What awaits along the frail line of security and vulnerability?

~More to come!~

My Two Sentence Horror Stories 

  • I came home today to find an intruder in my house. She was trying to free the others.
  • I almost screamed this morning when I thought I saw a ghost in my bathroom mirror. When all I saw was my own reflection, I was momentarily relieved, then subsequently terrified at the realization that I was right.
  • I sliced my finger on the meat slicer today at work. By the time my co-workers saw what I was doing, I was down to my elbow.
  • When I asked our dinner host what we would be eating that night, he replied with a jovial 'my wife's cooking right now'. Though we never saw the man's wife that night, I must say, I should ask for her recipe next time.
  • I once had a spot on my forearm that was so consistently itchy that all I could do was scratch at it for hours on end. After I had bore a hole through the spot , that's when I started to feel that same tingling feeling against my neck. 
  • Ever since I started taking medication for my homicidal urges, I've noticed a definite improvement. I kill almost twice as efficiently now. 
  • Does anyone know how long it takes a body to decay? I'm just wondering how much time I have before I have to put away my Halloween decorations.