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You can't read a story that's never written. You won't want to read a story that's poorly written. Always strive to create the best thing you can.

My Stories

  • I'm Sorry - I was stalked by someone I thought was a stranger. Then I learned who it was, and I don't know what to do next.
  • The Hell Inside My Head - Electroshock woke something in my schizophrenia-addled mind. Now, it won't leave me alone. [Pasta of the Month for September of 2018]
  • Can I Stay in Your Room? - The walls won't stop staring at me.
  • I Made a Teddy Bear for My Daughter - I am very concerned with authenticity.
  • He Stole Her Voice From Me - I took my morbid curiosity to a new level to impress someone. The problem is, I have a rival.
  • Want - Imagine an entire universe dedicated to giving you everything you ever wanted. I can lead you there, but be warned; the journey isn't for the weak willed.
  • Daddy Isn't Very Good at Cooking - I have friends over a lot, and Daddy always cooks for us. I just wish he was a bit better at it.
  • The Second Casket - I have two loves in the world: My wife, and woodworking. Once Nate is born, though, I start to lose everything.
  • Medical Practice - I made a bet with the nurse I'm dating, and I intend to win that wager. I will become the best surgeon in the hospital in just two weeks.
  • The Blame Lies Not With Me - Those who deign to call my name; they are the ones who are to blame.
  • Stairway of Chaos - The price of memory is a heavy toll.
  • Gold Water - Rain to a desert, flames to a field; the gold water is not to be taken lightly.
  • Like Father - I've been keeping my childhood hidden for so long. I think I'm ready to talk about my father.
  • Bombardier - The expedition team is back from Africa, and they have an interesting new insect in tow.
  • Mortal - Grim fate in ghastly form, but today, my heart did warm.
  • Down to Sleep - Pray the Lord my soul to take.
  • My Angeline - When first I met my Angeline, I found her features fair.

My Favorite Stories from Other Authors

  • Album - Written by HopelessNightOwl. An instant classic that plays off of childhood innocence and sends a shiver down the spine.
  • A Promise of the Heart - Written by CharminglyShallow. One of the best poetry pastas I've ever read, and very close to the top of my list of pastas in general.
  • Heavy Breathing - Written by ClericOfMadness. A fantastic micropasta. I'm a huge fan of micropasta stories, but they are difficult to make work. This one, though, does exactly what a story that short needs to do.
  • Lost Friends - This one is kind of a special case. This is a Thai legend credited to the author Khun Mhee, who used himself as the main character of the story. It was brought to my attention by user Chayakit, who wanted an English translation that also met quality standards. The result was this story, which is a retelling of that original legend.
  • Night Train - Written by J. Deschene. This story doesn't have a new concept or anything, but the way it's told is a nice change of pace that I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Quite Contrary - Written by J. Deschene. This is one of those stories where the title can be easily overlooked, but when you realize it, it's awesome.
  • The Tartars Are The Exception - Written by BloodySpaghetti. I had a heavy hand in some of the early editing on this one, but the reason I really like it has to do with my DnD experience. This story plays out like a medieval movie, and at the few points where it breaks from that, things still have consequence that is both realistic and unnerving. Beyond that, there's a historical background that is introduced and only adds more to the tale.
  • The Water Cycle - Written by J. Deschene. A typical ghost story, but told from an unconventional perspective that really adds to the somber and depressing tale, experienced with eyes not often seen through in these stories.