The Redded One

aka Titanium Steel

  • I live in a cave.
  • I am Batman

So, what brings you here, <insert name here>?

Hello, i am The Redded One, you can call me Reddy for short or Titanium Steel as in my social media name. I joined this wiki just to read creepypasta, not just read though. We make stories, and i will do what i can to contribute to this community. I have some talent in HTML coding which so happens were used in source editors. I also can use both Photoshop and Dreamweaver. If you want to do funny jokes i can make you a harmless virus if you like... I also recently received a trophy in my (Assume me an uneducated baby to college) IT class. So yeah, call me computer nerd if you like. I'm still new to this, however. So give me some time to learn the basic rules.

Oh yeah, i wanna let you to edit this page and go to source mode just to prove i can do HTML.

Go ahead.

Last updated : June 25 2019

Believe me that i am a HTML God now that this fucking text is visible at source mode?

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