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The Harrowick Chronicles

Odd occurrences from the city of Sombermorey and Harrowick County

Hallowed Ground


~ A quiet young woman stumbles upon an abandoned cemetery, and quickly claims it as her own private sanctum. But when All Hallow's Eve rolls around, she learns that it's been abandoned for a very good reason.

Hallowed Ground ~ Part II

Hallowed Ground ~ Part III

Hallowed Ground ~ Part IV

Hallowed Ground ~ Part V

Hallowed Ground ~ Part VI

Hallowed Ground ~ Part VII (Finale)                           

~ ~ ~

The Mad Monk of Saint Aria's

A young Witch goes to investigate an old abandoned church, wondering if the mysterious figure she encountered there years before was real. Instead, she finds a god that has no business dwelling in any human sanctuary.

The Cellar Dweller

~  During a routine sleepover, a pair of teenage girls uncover a hidden trap door in one of their basements. It leads to a forgotten cellar, filled with forbidden secrets that should have been left to rot.

The Worst Thing In The World

~ "You asked me once, what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world."  - Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell


~ Upon discovering a new brand of energy drink in a strange vending machine, young Halcyon is more than eager to give it a go. It's not until she finally manages to fall asleep again that she learns its ridiculous, over-the-top name was more than just a marketing gimmick.

Think Tank

~ Desperate times call for desperate measures. When two young men decide to burgle an empty guest house of their local plutocrat, they find it's guarded by an uncommonly cerebral watchman, who's not about to let something as trivial as not having a body keep him from his duties.

Something Familiar

~ A conversation with her spirit familiar leads Samantha to a collection of arcane scrolls, containing portents of a rare alignment of occult forces in the days to come. It also leads her to her first encounter with Seneca Chamberlin, the most mysterious plutocrat of Harrowick County.

See No Evil

~ During an out of town business trip, a man drops into a peculiar Oddity Shop and purchases a pair of antique, red-tinted goggles, and has his eyes opened to horrors he never imagined.

Widow Makers

~ Along a seldom troden road, there lies a virtually unknown conservatory for the rarest of spiders. You're welcome to visit, just mind where you step.

Once In A Blue Blood Moon

~ With almost twenty years in between Moon rises, it'd be a shame to let this one go to waste.

Red In Tooth And Claw

~ Following his greatest failure, Seneca Chamberlin must return to his Order's headquarters to face the consequences. What waits for him there is his worst nightmare, literally.

The Colour Of Television Tuned To A Dead Channel

~ “I think a little splash of colour is exactly what this production needs.”

The Man Of The House

~ When going through their attic for Christmas decorations, Samantha and Genevieve find a letter left by Eve's Great Grandfather, revealing a long kept family secret.

The Price Is Blood

~ Investigating local legends that say the old Fawn & Raubritter Foundry is still in business, Ella discovers something far more monstrous and outlandish than she ever dared to fear.

Thorne & Ivy

~ ... It's Alive.

The Self-Portrait Of Rancorous Ruck

~ "The whole scene was reminiscent of Saturn devouring his children, only with Saturn reimagined as some sort of Lovecraftian boogieman."

The Mommet

~ Not all childhood fears are imaginary.

Retail Apocalypse

~ Red Ruck, run amok, crowned the Regent Red. Eyes aflame, soul untamed, come join me in my bed.

The Book of Emrys

~ Seeking shelter from a sudden storm, a driver pulls into the Somber Starlight Roadhouse. When he gets to his room, he finds that the nightstand contains something a little less traditional than a Gideon's Bible.

The Hedge Witch Of Harrowick Woods

~ A strange howling in the middle of the night from the nearby woods draws a young woman in to investigate, only for her to walk right into the middle of someone else's story.

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men

~ "If it's not the traps, then that means that the rats have skipped town, were caught by someone else first, or are smart enough to avoid or escape the traps altogether, and none of those are acceptable.”

The Witch King

~ “Okay, but remembered that you’re the god-defying, necromancing, monster-fighting Witch. I’m the pot-smoking, lesbian, yoga-instructor Witch.”

From Madness Born

~ "Hey, Charlie; do you want to hear about the time I shot a Nazi warlock?" 

Media Darlings

~ Come on down.

The Magic Of Television

~ My grandfather keeps an old TV in his spare room. It showed me things that I didn't think were possible.

A Bigger Fish

~ "Just a single human body is enough to sustain this girl for months. Although, I suppose any body would do."

Want & Whimzy

~ What I am is a secret. Where I’m from, no one knows. Why I’m silent is my regret. Who I’ll tell, time will show.

Dread Sovereigns

Stand-Alone stories that don't necessarily fit into any canon

Have You Ever Made A Wish In A Wishing Well?

~ Well, have you? I bet you've been doing it wrong.

The Erebus Project

~ When a blind woman receives an offer to participate in a mysterious company's experiments with darkness, at first she doesn't see the harm in signing up. Once she's in the lab though, she starts to see why she shouldn't have come - and a whole lot more besides.

Skip to the End

~ Let me just get the obvious out of the way first; yes, I’ve actually been to the future.

The Sweet Tooth's Banquet

~ Be sure to check the table for bugs before you sit down to eat.

The Were-Witch of the Howling Woods

~ “Nope. ‘Were’ means man. A Were-Witch would be a warlock,” Thorogood said sardonically. If he was going to die, he might as well die correcting people’s etymological errors.

The Kings In Yellow

~ The Backrooms were filled with all manner of ‘what-was-that’s and ‘who’s-there’s, and greater fools than Cervin knew those were questions best left unanswered.

You Said Forever

~ The girl tried to scream as Annabelle’s fangs sunk into her neck, but her jaws clamped down with such force that she couldn’t even breathe.

A Strange Man

~ Has anyone else had a strange man at their door recently?

The Dreadfort Files

Leaked stories from the archives of the top-secret Dreadfort Facility

Dreadfort File 1: The Gordian Knot

~ "Gordy is a silly name for an Eldritch Abomination."

An Abhorrent Vacuum

~ Nature abhors a vacuum, and for a very food reason.

Penny Dreadfuls

Tales that double-dip into my Dread & Circuses Canon on the SCP Wiki


Someone Darke

~ In 15th century London town, an old apothecary and his granddaughter have their evening interrupted by a rather zealous member of the Inquisition, who's convinced they're guilty of witchcraft. Does a fiery execution await the both of them, or might they yet have a trick up their sleeves to keep their lives and livelihood from going up in smoke?

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

~ "Yes, we lure people in here to be tortured, killed, and then chucked into a pit because that's how we get our rocks off. We’re monsters, and we’re fine and dandy with that."

Audio Adaptations

Above the Grave

Chilling Tales For Dark Nights (and affiliates)

Someone Darke (audio file only)

Fantastical Things and Eldritch Nightmares S8E20 💀 Scary Stories Told in the Dark (Horror Podcast)





Four Story Compilation ~ Think Tank, The Mommet, The Colour of Television Tuned to a Dead Channel, and The Erebus Project. For some reason, I can't add the video directly to the Wiki.

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