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Find me on Reddit at U/A_Vespertine, where I'll be posting scary stories as well. Some of the stories posted here have been or will be featured on the  Chilling Tales For Dark Nights horror podcast, so subscribe to them if you'd like to hear them read aloud. You can find my author page for them here.

I've also made a not insignificant number of contributions to the SCP Wiki. You can find my author page here. .

The Harrowick Chronicles

Odd occurrences from the city of Sombermorey and Harrowick County


Hallowed Ground

~ A quiet young woman stumbles upon an abandoned cemetery, and quickly claims it as her own private sanctum. But when All Hallow's Eve rolls around, she learns that it's been abandoned for a very good reason.

Hallowed Ground ~ Part II

Hallowed Ground ~ Part III

Hallowed Ground ~ Part IV

Hallowed Ground ~ Part V

Hallowed Ground ~ Part VI

Hallowed Ground ~ Part VII (Finale)                           

~ ~ ~

The Mad Monk of Saint Aria's

A young Witch goes to investigate an old abandoned church, wondering if the mysterious figure she encountered there years before was real. Instead, she finds a god that has no business dwelling in any human sanctuary.

The Cellar Dweller

~  During a routine sleepover, a pair of teenage girls uncover a hidden trap door in one of their basements. It leads to a forgotten cellar, filled with forbidden secrets that should have been left to rot.

The Worst Thing In The World

~ "You asked me once, what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already. Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world."  - Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell


~ Upon discovering a new brand of energy drink in a strange vending machine, young Halcyon is more than eager to give it a go. It's not until she finally manages to fall asleep again that she learns its ridiculous, over-the-top name was more than just a marketing gimmick.

Think Tank

~ Desperate times call for desperate measures. When two young men decide to burgle an empty guest house of their local plutocrat, they find it's guarded by an uncommonly cerebral watchman, who's not about to let something as trivial as not having a body keep him from his duties.

Something Familiar

~ A conversation with her spirit familiar leads Samantha to a collection of arcane scrolls, containing portents of a rare alignment of occult forces in the days to come. It also leads her to her first encounter with Seneca Chamberlin, the most mysterious plutocrat of Harrowick County.

Dread Sovereigns

Stand-Alone stories that don't necessarily fit into any canon

Have You Ever Made A Wish In A Wishing Well?

~ Well, have you? I bet you've been doing it wrong.

The Erebus Project

~ When a blind woman receives an offer to participate in a mysterious company's experiments with darkness, at first she doesn't see the harm in signing up. Once she's in the lab though, she starts to see why she shouldn't have come - and a whole lot more besides.

Penny Dreadfuls

Tales that double-dip into my Dread & Circuses Canon on the SCP Wiki


Someone Darke

~ In 15th century London town, an old apothecary and his granddaughter have their evening interrupted by a rather zealous member of the Inquisition, who's convinced they're guilty of witchcraft. Does a fiery execution await the both of them, or might they yet have a trick up their sleeves to keep their lives and livelihood from going up in smoke?

Audio Adaptations

Above the Grave

Chilling Tales For Dark Nights (and affiliates)

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights (Horror Fiction Podcast) S1E33 💀 "Samhain Spring"

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights (Horror Fiction Podcast) S1E33 💀 "Samhain Spring"

Someone Darke (audio file only)


"Think Tank" - Horror Story - Creepypasta

"Think Tank" - Horror Story - Creepypasta

Nature's Temper

"The Erebus Project"-0

"The Erebus Project"-0


The Worst Thing In The World Creepypasta by The Vesper's Bell Feat Filia Noctis & Morticia White-0

The Worst Thing In The World Creepypasta by The Vesper's Bell Feat Filia Noctis & Morticia White-0

Tingly Horror

The worst thing in the world creepypasta asmr-0

The worst thing in the world creepypasta asmr-0

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