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Hello, I'm Isaac! Here are a few things about myself-

~I'm a horror fanatic

~I've been to 23 countries

~I enjoy cosplay

~I'm a psychology student

~I've been in a TV show (Not saying which; I don't want people knowing what my face looks like)

~I speak several different languages, German and Italian being my mains

~I've read more books than my public library has (It's a small library lol)

~My favorite color is red

~My favorite book series is: The Mazerunner

~My favorite single book is: The Book Thief, The Fellowship of The Ring, The Stand

~My favorite movie is: The Babaduk, The Excorcist, Catching Fire, Just Charlie

~I love the Dream SMP

~I have a girlfriend lol

That's it! Have a great day! :)