Enjoy some of my older stories back from when I was a rookie cookie ---

A factual pasta based on the horribly botched execution of murderer Allen Lee Davis in 1999 and his victims, describing what their deaths would have been like. Time to step back into reality and be afraid of the world around you.

If you see a disabled woman hobbling around outside a public bathroom at 2 a.m. - chances are, it's not a disabled woman. So don't try your luck.

A girl invites her friend over to stay over in the holidays online, but is abruptly rejected. A chilling detail in their chat history reveals why. See if you can spot

Entry for Banningk1979's Demons and Devils Competition June/July 2015. The world's first partial brain transplant saves the life of an innocent man. With a side effect of constant horrifying hallucinations. Who is the mystery donor?

First installment in my Spider Cannibals series. In 1998, a group of campers mysteriously disappear in P.A. The journal of one of the campers found at the site contains some disturbing clues about their fates.

Sequel to Spider Cannibals (above). Two years later, a woman is left shaken by the disappearances of her best friends, causing her to shun the man she loves. Their eventful psychological battle leads them to a conclusion about the fates of the victims in 1998.

First installment in my HEC series. A scientist testing human torture devices for a criminal organisation soon discovers that Karma is a bitch.

Sequel to Human Experiment Chamber, the second HEC installment. A psychopathic female scientist takes on the role of head researcher in the criminal organisation. Greed soon overwhelms her and she conjures up an evil plan with her assassin counterpart to kill her boss.

Sequel to Human Experiment Chamber 2, third and last HEC installment. After tasting the bitter flavor of betrayal, the female scientist follows in her idol's footsteps and once again - discovers that Karma is a bitch.

My friend dared me to write a feelspasta, so this one is very different to my usual screamer-like material. This is a pretty soppy story about two females, lol. But seriously, be grateful for what you have, otherwise you might end up losing everything.

A pretty short pasta. When you set psychopaths against each other in competition, don't expect pleasant results.

More like, Don't Leave Your Child at Home Alone, Ever. A cautionary tale for all parents - dodgy meat-eating houseplants and the snack that smiles back (children, obviously!) are NEVER to mix without the presence of a responsible adult.

The legend of the ferocious, merciless bird man never fails to scare children. But is it just a story? And why would it ever be told?

I decided to try a different, more fun style of writing with this one - a log of interviews! Try to piece together the information that the different people tell us to work out what happened at the factory.

116 word micro-pasta. Humans misunderstanding technology can have disastrous consequences, especially when you're a thousand feet up in midair.

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