aka Traci Kopico

  • I live in Litchfeild Me
  • I was born on September 1
  • My occupation is DSP
  • I am Female

A child of the 80's ,born a lifetime ago in Augusta Maine. Spent my formitive years in the San Francisco Bay Area and now reside in the butt crack of America, central Florida. I say butt crack because it's always hot and sticky here and everywhere you go, it smells like your grandparents house. From coast to coast I have a huge hillarious family whom I adore, even the annoying ones, and thanks to Sir Mix Alot I have a healthy self image. I love Jane Austen, Muhammad Ali, Billie Holliday and all things Zombie. I sing to every song on the radio ,even if it annoys the other travelers, I have a potty mouth and I like to pick my nose and wipe bugers in my Mother's car and watch her freak out. 

This is me in one paragraph. I'm a wierd chick. 

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