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About Me

My name's Tom. I used to be an admin around here, but stepped down due to inactivity. Now I'm a regular contributor. I enjoy reading pasta & helping to fix mistakes. I'm relatively knowledgeable about many of the technical aspects of MediaWiki (wikitext, the API, etc), so if you want any help with this stuff, feel free to leave a message on my talk page.

I operate a bot called That One Machine, which is currently helping to deal with the Wiki's licensing issues. If you have questions or complaints about the bot, please contact me ASAP.

The review backlog is: Low (-5 pages)
The deletion backlog is: Low (0 pages)
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My Alternate Accounts
In the interest of transparency, here's a list of alternate accounts I operate/have operated on this wiki:
  • Underscorre - Main account
  • That One Machine - Bot account, operated following community approval
  • Underscorre Non-AC Test - Account used on one occasion while testing abuse filters which affected non-autoconfirmed users