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◾[ The Elevator]
◾[ The Elevator]
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About Me

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I am a big fan of the horror genre whether it is a movie, book, or whatever. I want to say about two years ago, I think... I used to look up "real" footage of ghosts and demons on YouTube until I stumbled upon a channel called Haunting Season by accident. I immediately fell in love with the channel listening to the narrations of horror stories. After hearing them, I craved to hear more which led to the discovery of CreepsMcPasta, MrCreepyPasta along with others and that's how I stumbled upon CreepyPastas and eventually to this site.

While I was young, I always had a ton of stories burning through my head. Every day and every moment, I would have scenes and interactions flooding my thoughts. It was overwhelming and made me anxious to find a release for them, fearing I would lose a good idea or two. I found that writing and even drawing was the best way to bring forth these ideas. With that said, I am no stranger to criticism. I am a huge critic of my own work and understand my eyes cannot catch every little flaw. So I am very open to people nit-picking and providing constructive criticism for me, and regardless if they do so for me, I will gladly provide the same for them.

I find it easier to catch errors in a story when I read them out loud. Moreover, it allows me to fully encompass the perspective of the characters and feel the flow of the story's content. I do that with all stories I read including my own. Although I love reading polished up stories, I tend to hover around the Writer's Workshop to provide critique and attention to upcoming stories. I also try to give feedback to stories that do not receive any attention at all, especially the ones extending past five days. Sadly, if I miss your story it is due to a important event requiring my attention outside the site.

In general, I love any type of horror story because I know there are an abundant ways to creatively tell a story, and I am interested to hear them all! However, I will say that Pastas involving: angels, demons, God, the devil, or anything closely related to those fields draw me in the closest . You can probably tell from my avatar :P

Stories Marked for Review

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Currently Reading

Kind Nepenthe by Matthew V. Brockmeyer

Finished Reading

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

Winter Agent Juno #1: The Helios Legacy by Mike MacDee

Half A King by Joe Abercrombie

Half A World by Joe Abercrombie

Winter Agent Juno #2: Kingdom of Famine by Mike MacDee

My Stories

Stand-Alone Stories:

The Church in the Woods: A technician is sent to assist a client at an old church deep in the woods. 

The Great Occam Cobb: Meet the greatest magician to ever exist.

Foxes Don't Ask Questions: A routine extraction for a team of soldiers quickly turns into a battle of survival against an otherworldly entity.

Aether Series:

Prelude: Insula: A space-mining ship unearths a horrifying discovery that threatens to consume the crew.

The Orb of Anamnesis (In progress)

Apeiron Series:

The Curators of Gen (In progress)


The Great Occam Cobb:

Stories I Enjoyed

Pasta Noir: Dames, Slugs and the Hatchetman



Borrasca V


From Deep Within

Existential Therapy

I'm a Search and Rescue Officer for the US Forest Service, I have some stories to tell

What Is Your Pleasure?

The Last Day of October Series

NoEnd House

Secret Bar

The Laughing Desert


The Possession Complex

The Great God Pan

The Abattoir Concerto

Burning Down the Ozarks

Heavy Rain

Behind Closed Doors

The Well, the Wheel, and Wilhelm

Magda - A Dark Christmas Tale

That Moon of Mine

The Elevator



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