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I am a big fan of the horror genre whether it is a movie, book, or whatever. I want to say about two years ago, I think... I used to look up "real" footage of ghosts and demons on YouTube until I stumbled upon a channel called Haunting Season by accident. I immediately fell in love with the channel listening to the narrations of horror stories. After hearing them, I craved to hear more which led to the discovery of CreepsMcPasta, MrCreepyPasta along with others and that's how I stumbled upon CreepyPastas and eventually to this site.

While I was young, I always had a ton of stories burning through my head. Every day and every moment, I would have scenes and interactions flooding my thoughts. It was overwhelming and made me anxious to find a release for them, fearing I would lose a good idea or two. I found that writing and even drawing was the best way to bring forth these ideas. With that said, I am no stranger to criticism. I am a huge critic of my own work and understand my eyes cannot catch every little flaw. So I am very open to people nit-picking and providing constructive criticism for me, and regardless if they do so for me, I will gladly provide the same for them.

I find it easier to catch errors in a story when I read them out loud. Moreover, it allows me to fully encompass the perspective of the characters and feel the flow of the story's content. I do that with all stories I read including my own. Although I love reading polished up stories, I tend to hover around the Writer's Workshop to provide critique and attention to upcoming stories. I also try to give feedback to stories that do not receive any attention at all, especially the ones extending past five days. Sadly, if I miss your story it is due to a important event requiring my attention outside the site.

In general, I love any type of horror story because I know there are an abundant ways to creatively tell a story, and I am interested to hear them all! However, I will say that Pastas involving: angels, demons, God, the devil, or anything closely related to those fields draw me in the closest . You can probably tell from my avatar :P

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Currently Reading

Kind Nepenthe by Matthew V. Brockmeyer

Finished Reading

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

Winter Agent Juno #1: The Helios Legacy by Mike MacDee

Half A King by Joe Abercrombie

Half A World by Joe Abercrombie

Winter Agent Juno #2: Kingdom of Famine by Mike MacDee

My Stories

Stand-Alone Stories:

The Church in the Woods: A technician is sent to assist a client at an old church deep in the woods. 

The Great Occam Cobb: Meet the greatest magician to ever exist.

Foxes Don't Ask Questions: A routine extraction for a team of soldiers quickly turns into a battle of survival against an otherworldly entity.

The Dryad of the Woods: A group of travelers become trapped on a mountain with an ancient entity that terrorizes them.

Aether Series:

Prelude: Insula: A space-mining ship unearths a horrifying discovery that threatens to consume the crew.

The Orb of Anamnesis (In progress)

Apeiron Series:

The Curators of Gen (In progress)


The Great Occam Cobb:

The Church in the Woods:

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