• I was born on March 12
  • My occupation is Observer of Humanity
  • I am Male


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Pic related: Me (and a random hand)

Creepypasta fan, made in Mexico, fluid in both English and Spanish.

"I'm the kind of guy that will deplete all sources of information on a certain topic when said topic catches my attention. Mostly laid-back, introspective, yet friendly and willing to help or contribute to whatever cause I feel like.

On the other side, I can be sarcastic or just plain trollish, for the fun of it.

I rate based on what I've read so far (everything in this wiki) and on what I feel works and doesn't.

I'm not perfect so I won't ask you to be perfect.

Now, where's the 'Done' button..."


>> Finished reading the wikia - October 12, 2011.


No Pokemon, Videogame or Lost Episode pastas anymore (unless they are delicious and I mean gourmet).

My Pastas

  1. Familiar Visitor
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