aka Sam

  • I live in Nevada
  • I was born on October 13
  • My occupation is Movie Theater Worker
  • I am a critic

Heyo. I've currently only uploaded a few stories to the site. This is because I'm more interested in helping people improve their writings in the workshop. Hope I'm not too harsh there. I'd like to think I'm a fairly decent critic, so send me a message if you want something reviewed, and provided I'm able (some stories I just can't offer advice on), I'll get to it. I'll also critique existing stories if you wish (not that anyone is going to read this). I always kind of wanted to be an admin here (mostly so I could work the deletion appeal and delete stories), but see no real reason to pursue such a goal.

I've written two novels and am currently in the middle of my third. Of the three, only one of them is actually horror-themed.

I'm going to list my review biases in case anyone thinks I am being unfair:

  • Writing with lots of description; if it's not important to the plot of the story, it has no reason for being there.
  • Writing that contains self-hurting; the character better have a damn good reason for doing this. It strongly irks me when people use this for the hell of it, or to show how "edgy/unstable" the character is (The same goes with most mental illnesses).
  • Poetry; because fuck poetry.
  • People who claim, "go easy on me, this is my first pasta"; so what? The critique applies regardless of your writing experience. Don't use this as a crutch, please.

If any of these apply to your writing, then I am going to be much more critical of it. Just a "heads up", in case I left an unfavorable review and you want to know why the guy leaving it is such a jerk. I like tearing into stories in general, so expect an overtly critical (but not useless) review.

My Stories

If you have time to read, please do. I don't have very many because I only try and submit my near perfect works. Hope you enjoy!

Creepy Stories- Stories written for the sake of entertainment:

A Stalker or Two - First story on the site and first well-written creepypasta. It was mainly built from a single, absurd concept, turned creepy. I'll let you figure it out.

Sheltered Life - Submission for the 2015 Freestyle competition. Not my best work, but probably my most popular.

Atonement - Second submission for the 2015 Freestyle competition. Definitely not my best work. Only OC-ish story I've written.

There's Something Between the Gears - I really like the concept of a machine deity, and hope to do more with this.

Thematic Stories- Much longer (And more well-written) stories designed to be creepy and contain an underlying message in each. These are much better than the previous stories:

The Blood Canvas - My (current) masterpiece. I'm most proud of this story. Also my first foray into placing themes in my work.

IMG 0138

The Hanger, from my story, "The Blood Canvas".

It Wears His Skin - Spinoff of The Blood Canvas. May shed some light on characters in the previous story. Much different tone, but just as interesting as the previous story I'd argue.

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