William See

aka NoOneWillSee

  • I live in Abyss of Chicago
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is freelance artist and writer.
  • I am a Victorian-era personality quantum spirit that lectures people on hygiene.

It took me a couple years, but I've returned. Hi. I'm William. Sorry if you recognize some recoil-worthy content from ages passed, just ignore them: it might actually save your life.

Most if not all of the images I upload are created by me. Please ask if you would like to use them, or conversely, shoot me a message and commission me for a fresh piece! I do all sorts of digital and traditional work, from creatures to concept work.

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Contact info:

William See

Stories Ive Written

~ = connected or shared universe

Gas Station Clerk - an unsettling encounter with a stranger.

Anomalous Weather - Local58 meets 'Lovecraftian Sharknado'.

Help, Police - a harrowing encounter with the long arm of the law.

BRM File 52 - some declassified documents with a dangerous secret. ~

What You Eat - a darkly humorous retelling of a classic.

Taxonomy of Avem Spiritus - the uncanny analysis of a lesser known creature. ~

The Ecstasy of the Pen - a creator is pushed to the edge of arcane discovery. ~

The Big Jump - she won't let go.

Culmination of My Notes - a survivor's guide to humanity's vestiges.

Tonight, You - a tragic "love" story between man and the wild. (Mild NSFW warning)

Favorite Pastas:

• Bokor • The Blood CanvasDogscapeThe EggHell Has A Prison

Get to know me!

Favorite Games (Top 5:) 1. Bloodborne 2. Fallout New Vegas 3. Darkest Dungeon 4. Dying Light 5. Binding of Isaac - I love most any genre of game cept maybe pure puzzles or overly cinematic games. Anything featuring character customization or chaotic/free gameplay is usually bound to be a favorite.

Favorite Music Genres: Metal (death, black, shoegaze, alternative, nü, etc); Alternative rock, experimental, Industrial/IDM/EDM, Ska, some Pop and Rap

Favorite Books (Top 5:): House of Leaves, Martian Chronicles, American Supernatural Tales, Of Mice and Men, Siddhartha

Favorite Foods: Pastries - I'll admit it, I'm a straight sucker for soft sweets. Throw me some pie, and you're my best friend.

Favorite Movies (variety): LEGO Movie, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, Speed Racer, Nightmare Before Christmas, Get Out

Best Achievement: not dying to a falling piano

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