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I'm a Wraith who loves horror media of all sorts. I've been around here for quite some time, and nowadays I spend the majority of it cleaning up the site and helping writers with their work. Ask me any questions you may have on my Talk Page! Note: I am a Rollbacker, meaning I make corrective edits to articles. I cannot undelete pages or perform administrative tasks.

Most of the images I upload are created by me or are transformative in nature. Please ask if you would like to use them, or conversely, shoot me a message and commission me for a fresh piece! I do all sorts of digital and traditional work, from creatures to concept work.

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The Bureau of Redacted Media

The world’s most sensitive information has been censored by a nebulous organization.

Estate In the Abyss

A horror-comedy adventure starring yours truly, set within a shared universe and spanning fiction and reality alike.

  • The Estate: A Prelude (Part 0) - There's a man in a book in a library in a mansion in a hole at the bottom of the sea.
  • Fall of Clan Aniloss (Part 1) - Will recounts the tale of a lost aristocratic lineage.
  • Red Chicago (Part 2) - Jake and William explore the calamitous events immediately preceding "Anomalous Weather".
  • The Wight Hunt (Part 3) - The duo travel into dark depths to sharpen Jake's wits and skill, but find more than they bargained for.
  • Heaven's Grove (Part 4) - Jake explores the process of unnatural entropy visited upon a small town.
  • The Egregore (Part 5) - Coming soon.



"Taxonomy Of Avem Spiritus" By William See



What You Eat by William See Creepypasta StoryTime

Ace of Scare


"Anomalous Weather" - Creepypasta Storytime



Anomalous Weather Creepypasta Horror Story by William See


Favorite Pastas

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Favorite Games (Top 5:) 1. Bloodborne 2. Fallout New Vegas 3. Darkest Dungeon 4. Dying Light 5. Binding of Isaac - I love most any genre of game cept maybe pure puzzles or overly cinematic games. Anything featuring character customization or chaotic/free gameplay is usually bound to be a favorite.

Favorite Music Genres: Metal (death, black, shoegaze, alternative, nü, etc); Alternative rock, experimental, Industrial/IDM/EDM, Ska

Favorite Books (Top 5:): House of Leaves, Martian Chronicles, American Supernatural Tales, Of Mice and Men, Siddhartha

Favorite Foods: Pastries - I'll admit it, I'm a straight sucker for soft sweets. Throw me some pie, and you're my best friend.

Favorite Movies (variety): LEGO Movie, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, Speed Racer, Nightmare Before Christmas, Get Out

Best Achievement: not dying to a falling piano

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