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Lovely little drawing done for me by Xero143, thank you so much!

I mainly enjoy writing surrealist type horror dealing with existential and intangible concepts, as I find the unknown aspects of our world to be the scariest; that which we cannot understand.

Links to my works:

Avian Plane - To lose what it means to be human is a fate worse than death.

Scent - The odour of the deceased can be intense; so intense that you just can't sleep...

Modus Operandi - When the sins are too great to bear, perhaps it's time for a shower.

Housebound - A captive in his own home, but perhaps it's best if he stayed there...

Narrated by: The Night Terrors Podcast

Quasi-Cannibal - Treat human lives as food, and they might come back to bite you.

Big Blind - The thrill of luck is exhilerating, but remember; the house always wins.

Dying Light - Fighting against your mind can be an uphill battle; don't let the embers die.

- Narrated by DemonCreep

Perennial Hubris - The gods are displeased with Halloween, and one man knows it all too well. (3rd place in Cornconic's Halloween Contest)

- Narrated by Creeparoni

Divine Corpus - What's in a corpse? Disease ridden rot? Or ethereal beauty?

Ravager - The pursuit of power can be a depraved path, especially once one reaches the end.

- Narrated by Big Daddy Stone

Shower Thoughts - When your only solace is water, what happens when the flow stops?

Astatos - An apple is sweeter when you grow it yourself.

Narrated by - Demon Creep

Videophile (PoTM May 2022 winner!) - The watchful eye of a camera can uncover the deepest of secrets.

Narrated by - The Night Terrors Podcast , EuclidClassDunmer, LadyMCreepsta

Final View - Winter can alter our own emotions, and sometimes one can even lose them outright.

Narrated by - Creepy Ghost Stories , Spooky Boo's Scary Story Time

Under The Street Lights - The world can be a little intimidating sometimes, but at least you know what's real, right?

Narrated by- Creepy Ghost Stories , Demon Creep

Tainted Water - Sometimes the horror of a delusion is better than reality.

Narrated by - Demon Creep

Fratricide - The door to redemption is one you must walk through yourself.

Housekeeping - A little cleaning to clear one's head never hurt anyone.

Crash and Burn - Those who are assigned to help can be the worst monsters.

Oh, Mary - She's long gone, but is she forgotten?

My favourite pastas:

Yellow Butterfly


The Thing in the Window

Lolita, My Angel


Creature in the Closet

Poppies And Daffodils

Happy House Hill