I sincerely do not recommend going to this wiki if you are a first time writer, or a writer who isn't experienced enough with the genre. I hope to have a story here someday, but probably not in the near future, considering it's strict policies here. 

I am a novice writer, I've written works in the past, but they aren't good to be fair. Even with my experience, I still have many ways to learn about writing, and how to avoid writing cliches, especially with fanfiction. With that being said, I still have many ways to go before I can write a Creepypasta story, especially on this site, because stories here, belong to a category of writers who has many years of experience on writing stories in general, and if they know how to plan out their story well, the reader will end up having a great time reading the story. 

I do not recommend posting your work here if you can't live up to the expectations with many writers of this site, especially if you just starting to write horror in general. Experience and awareness of the genre can help you come up with ideas that can improve your story. Everyone's first writing isn't the best one; it will take you many writings before you eventually wrote the story you genuinely took a liking at. The people who post their stories here know their craft well, and they be also be good critics, which can help you to improve your story and plot. 

Also note to the people on this wiki, I hope that your criticisms would genuinely motivate people to improve themselves instead on giving them low self esteem or just give up on writing, because I've seen cases here when I do bother to check around the site.

— Ironically See

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