Well hello ladies and gentlemen! I doubt this will reach the eyes of anyone (so I'm probably crazy and talking to myself), but... well hell, I figured I should say something.

Now, my interest in Creepypasta has nearly diminished recently, and the only CP writer I'm actively reading from is ShackleSoul of Where I've taken up residence. A. It gets a lot more feedback and is generally a much more... accepting? Something like that... community. Granted, you get a lot of shit pastas, but... I like it there. A lot more user-friendly.

Now, as I said, my interest in CP has diminished severely. Nowadays I spend my time on the SCP site because... So many more possibilities. Here, it's always some psycho and everyone has a mental illness, but SCP... possibilities are endless. Not to mention that when I attempted to take this over TO dA, I found Banning's account (non-responsive) and SloshedTrain's account (inactive, basically).

So... What I'm saying is, I'm back for a small amount of time. Consider this a status update. Only wrote a couple more dark stories and only two actual Creepypastas after I left, so... Right.

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