My school musical was the funnest musical I was ever in! I miss it so much and I can't believe that closing night was only a few days ago :(

Well this is a funny one! I am being my dramatic self in my blue dress which I wear to the "wedding" (I am the second person from the right) and am SLAYING that cross-armed pose!


I never wore my hat onstage due to it falling off. But I am still easy to spot! I'm the girl who is standing right towards the camera. Everyone else is facing another way.

Dancing queen

This song was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! We got to pull random people onstage. Except that this was dress rehearsal, so we had no one to pull :( I'm the girl all the way on the right

Close up

I'm just standing there shaking my head. Yes, everyone in the show was crazy. But I love them :)


This was taken so long ago! It was our FIRST REHEARSAL!!!!!


I'm in the front row towards the right. The one with the hat, remember? :)


I LOVED doing this number! It was a nightclub/party, so we had to dance around the guys. I'm the girl living it up in that sleeveless purple shirt (it's also sparkly) I'm in the left back if you can't find me


I'm in the purple shirt! I'm also the only person (besides that CRAZY guy) whose face can actually be seen.


LOVE how I can be seen fully in this picture. I have that blue "wedding" dress on again, and am in between two of the Dynamos! I have a weird expression though, but overall I look good!


I pose with my fellow vacationers. Of course I wear a hat and am in the front. As my friends say, I'm the "privileged vacationer"


I LOVE my expression here! It is one of pure joy and I am mid-laugh. I'm the girl in blue all the way on the left!


Here you can see me in action (blue dress) I am mid-song!


In this number, we got to peek our heads out of doors! And guess who got to open the door! Hint: ME!!!!! I loved dramatically flinging it open to get "just one look" am I right? In this picture, my head is the top head.