It is I, Angrybirdsfan2005 and today, I will be discussing if Normal Porn For Normal People exists.

Part 1: The Search For The Videos

While I discuss if the site exists, I was doing my spare time finding the videos listed below.

  • Peanut.avi
  • Lickedclean.avi
  • Jimbo.avi
  • Dianna.avi
  • Jessica.avi
  • Tounguetied.avi
  • Stumps.avi
  • Privacy.avi
  • Useless.avi

And I looked for Useless.avi and I never found the real video on YouTube, same goes for the rest, as I was matching it up with the story, none of these seem to match the length and story.

Although, Someone might find the real videos one day.

Part 2: Stuart Schlomach

I found a playlist where someone goes on the site

Part 3: Does It Match

No, It does not match with the story, neither do these videos, in the story he said, white background with links that he was afraid to get a virus and saw peanut.avi, but in the playlist I showed you, It does not match up to the story.