Aradials Aradials 15 November 2011

And that's the end!

Admins have asked me to no longer be Forenzik (spamming issuses, apparently). Sorry. It was a fun run.

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Aradials Aradials 14 November 2011

Happy Appy

Just a note to say I've started to contribute to Happy Appy as everyone's favourite psychopath, Forenzik! Of course, if you're here you probably know this, but hey, this gets me a badge!

EDIT: Just received a e-mail from the admin explaining pointsgaming. Sorry about that, and it won't happen again. Anyway, on a proper post entry, I plan to post videos of myself as Forenzik on YouTube. If anyone has any ideas, or anything they want me to answer, please say so on the talk page. Thanks! - A.

EDIT NO.2 : Admins have told me not to post as Forenzik anymore (spamming issuses, apparently). Sorry. It was a fun run. However, I think I might still do the YouTube video. My final post will be a link. - A.

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