Also includes creations by other writers of the Mythos.

1. Nyarlathotep: The Crawling Chaos. The Haunter in the Dark. The Dreaded Voice of the Outer Gods. Nyarlathotep is the son of Azathoth who unlike his brethren who are locked away and sleeping, Nyarlathotep freely travels the world in thousands of forms sewing the sounds of nightmare wherever he goes. While many of the gods in Lovecraft's works are incapable of being judged by our standards of morality, Nyarlathotep has a far too human personality and is one of the few malevolent beings in the Mythos. First appearing in the 1920 short story of the same name, Nyarlathotep debuts arriving out of Egypt to present strange performances on a small town. When the narrator passes them away as tricks, Nyarlathotep forces the city into columns: one leading to sounds of moaning. Another a subway station; the last out of the city to the country. It is said that Nyarlathotep will bring the end of the world and the return of the gods. But he staves it off to further indulge in tormenting mankind to his heart's content.

2. Azathoth: The Blind Idiot God. The Daemon Sultan. The Nuclear Chaos. Azathoth is the ultimate god of the Cthulhu Mythos who dwells in the center of the universe. He is the father of Nyarlathotep, the preferred explanation for why he conceived Nyarlathotep by many writers of the Mythos is to have him as his messenger to exert his will which also includes sewing chaos. Azathoth is unaware of the events around himself as he is continually kept at bay with demonic instruments for when he awakens...well more inevitably so...everything ceases to be because it is all part of his dream. And he'll be left alone unaware that there was ever anything there to begin with.

3. Y'golonac: He is a creation of Ramsey Campbell who first appeared in Cold Print. He is the God of Depravity and Perversion who knows every horrid perversion any sapient being can ever conceive. Much like Nyarlathotep, Y'golonac (A Great Old One) is all too human in thought processes who hunts those who desire to read forbidden literature or indulge in the most disgusting of perversions so that he could be freed from his earthly prison behind a brick wall. Whenever someone summons him, he tries to force them to become his priest: if not, he eats them. Whenever he manifests himself, he appears as a bloated, obese headless man with mouths on the palms of his hands.

4. Gla'aki: A slug-like abomination that dwells in a lake upon coming to Earth in a meteorite. He has metal-spikes on his back that he can use to transform people into his servants. Through them, there are 12 volumes of books written called The Revelations of Gla'aki that describe the history of not only Gla'aki, but also other gods around the Severn Valley Region.

5. Cthulhu: The breakout character that the Mythos are named after. He is a winged humanoid with an octopus head whose very presence incites hapless victims into insanity. He dwells in the sunken city of R'lyeh dreaming. He can still effect the world through telepathy and his many cults. It is said that when the stars are aligned, R'lyeh will resurface and Cthulhu will awaken. His awakening would spell the end of the world as we know it. Should Cthulhu ever be truly destroyed, he would be reborn through his daugher Cthylla who is fiercely guarded by the Deep Ones.

6. Eihort: A spider-like being who dwells in a massive labyrinth spanning the world. If Eihort were to catch a human, he would ask them to bear his breed. If not, he would kill them with his large, titanic fist. Even if you accept, you'd be killed when his breed emerges. When he is freed, he will assist the other gods in overthrowing humanity.

7. Yig: The Father of the Snakes. He would send his children out into the world to incite punishments on those who kill his snakes. Either by killing them outright, or transforming them into snake-like beings like himself.

8. Yog-Sothoth: The Keeper of the Gate. He tends to appear as tendrils and eyes, or spheres. Yog-Sothoth knows all and sees all. Past, present, future. Nothing gets past Yog-Sothoth. He is often sought for his knowledge which he'd bestow...but at great consequences. Yog-Sothoth fathered "demigods" like in the Dunwich Horror with the eponymous horror and Wilbur Whateley. 

9. Shub-Niggurath: The Black Goat of the Woods is one of her titles. She is a fertility goddess who is often depicted as the wife of Yog-Sothoth who bears Dark Young. She often appears as a mass of black tentacles and mouths standing on goat-like legs. 

10. Hastur: Not an original creation of Lovecraft, but more typical depictions as being in eternal enmity with his half-brother Cthulhu. Like many of the gods, his motivations are uncertain, but many hold that he desires to assert his influence on the Earth through his Yellow Sign. Those that become his servants are turned into bloated anomalies with broken limbs and scaly skin. He can shapeshift much like Nyarlathotep and Yog-Sothoth, his iconic form being the King in Yellow wearing a yellow cloak and palette mask with tentacles peeking through the hems. 

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