Again, another story that isn't bad necessarily, but it did have its issues. The story takes place in 1972 where a strange woman in a bloodied gown arrives at the Cedar Senai hospital. She was mannequin-like in appearance and moved bizarrely. So, they decide that she needed to be sedated partially out of fear of her. But that goes as well as you'd think.

The story does a good job at establishing the tone. Nothing about the woman is explained. There is no answer to what she was nor where she came from building the suspense. The kitten being inside her mouth honestly was an unnecessary detail not so much because of animal cruelty, but because it didn't add anything to the story unless you attribute it to her predatory nature later on in the story. I feel that it would be more effective if she intimidated the staff members and then collapses on the floor for little rhyme nor reason, this furthering their anxiety. 

Her rampage in the hospital is okay even though she felt a little OP when she went there; her having razor-sharp teeth and ripping the head doctor's jugular is fine at is. But the whole "I am God" line is lame. Besides my leaning towards her not giving the doctor any answer to his inquiries as immensely more terrifying, anything along the lines of her saying "I am whatever you want me to be" would be more effective. 

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