Bacaxi Cat

  • I live in Spongebob's house
  • My occupation is making you suck my yellow water
  • I am a big fat J
  • Bacaxi Cat

    Tomorrow, by the day this blog is posted, I'll have 1 year and 3 months of CPW, since the day I made my account. Since I don't really have much to do, I'm in my free time and I wanna give a chance for those who recently got hooked into the site know who I am, I'll post on this blog what happened since the day I visited the site as an anonymous person (3 years ago).

    A lot of bad and good things happened so far, but the bad memories are what still get into me to this day, most of the time, even though FYI I'm much better than before now.

    I discovered one particular creepypasta, the infamous BEN Drowned in a Brazilian blog about N64 games. They described it as a myth, even though it is definitely something not well known outside the gaming; it …

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