Banning here, hoping that everyone is having an amazing October as we draw ever closer to our beloved holiday of horror, Halloween!

So, quick update, for the past few months I've been doing some work with an amazing literature company called Sweek. Sweek developed and launched a mobile app that catelogs tons of stories from writers all over the world in multiple languages. All genres are represented, and contests and other cool promotions are running all the time. 

Anyway, they are currently hosting a Halloween Horror themed contest, and I really think that the Creepypasta Wiki Community would be a great fit in this endeavor. With that said, I'll post a link to Sweek's official site where all the rules, timelines and prizes are listed. They're looking for stories no larger than 1,000 words with horror themes. 

So, if you'd like to show your stuff on an international platform, check out the contest link below! 

The Sweek 2017 Halloween Horror Writing Challenge